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A false report

a true story of rape in America
Verfasser: Suche nach diesem Verfasser Miller, T. Christian
Verfasserangabe: T. Christian Miller and Ken Armstrong
Jahr: 2018
Verlag: New York, Crown
Mediengruppe: Buch


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Now the Netflix Limited Series Unbelievable, starring Toni Collette, Merritt Wever, and Kaitlyn Dever ¿ Two Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists tell the riveting true crime story of a teenager charged with lying about having been raped¿and the detectives who followed a winding path to arrive at the truth.
¿Gripping . . . [with a] John Grisham¿worthy twist.¿¿Emily Bazelon, New York Times Book Review (Editors¿ Choice)
On August 11, 2008, eighteen-year-old Marie reported that a masked man broke into her apartment near Seattle, Washington, and raped her. Within days police and even those closest to Marie became suspicious of her story. The police swiftly pivoted and began investigating Marie. Confronted with inconsistencies in her story and the doubts of others, Marie broke down and said her story was a lie¿a bid for attention. Police charged Marie with false reporting, and she was branded a liar.
More than two years later, Colorado detective Stacy Galbraith was assigned to investigate a case of sexual assault. Describing the crime to her husband that night, Galbraith learned that the case bore an eerie resemblance to a rape that had taken place months earlier in a nearby town. She joined forces with the detective on that case, Edna Hendershot, and the two soon discovered they were dealing with a serial rapist: a man who photographed his victims, threatening to release the images online, and whose calculated steps to erase all physical evidence suggested he might be a soldier or a cop. Through meticulous police work the detectives would eventually connect the rapist to other attacks in Colorado¿and beyond.
Based on investigative files and extensive interviews with the principals, Unbelievable is a serpentine tale of doubt, lies, and a hunt for justice, unveiling the disturbing truth of how sexual assault is investigated today¿and the long history of skepticism toward rape victims.
Table of Contents
1 The Bridge / 1 (6) / 2 Hunters / 7 (14) / 3 Waves and Peaks / 21 (10) / 4 A Violent Alchemy / 31 (22) / 5 A Losing Battle / 53 (10) / 6 White Man, Blue Eyes, Gray Sweater / 63 (18) / 7 Sisters / 81 (22) / 8 "Something About How She Said It" / 103 (18) / 9 The Shadow Within / 121 (20) / 10 Good Neighbors / 141 (14) / 11 A Gross Misdemeanor / 155 (14) / 12 Marks / 169 (22) / 13 Looking into a Fish Tank / 191 (8) / 14 A Check for $500 / 199 (16) / 15 327 1/2 / 215 (24) / Epilogue: Eighteen Wheels 239 (18) / A Note from the Authors 257 (4) / Notes 261 (20) / Acknowledgments 281 (2) / Index 283 / / / /


Verfasser: Suche nach diesem Verfasser Miller, T. Christian
Verfasserangabe: T. Christian Miller and Ken Armstrong
Jahr: 2018
Verlag: New York, Crown
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