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Beer for dummies
[learn to: familiarize yourself with various styles of beer from around the world ; grasp the ingredients and processes that brewers use to make beer ; buy, serve, and enjoy beer wisely]
VerfasserIn: ebrary, Inc
Verfasserangabe: by Marty Nachel with Steve Ettlinger ; foreword by Jim Koch
Jahr: 2012
Verlag: Hoboken N.J., John Wiley & Sons
Mediengruppe: Buch
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The fun and friendly guide to all things beer Whether you're new to beer or an enthusiast eager to get "hopped" up on all things related to the brew, Beer For Dummies helps you quickly educate your palate -- from recognizing the characteristics of ales, lagers, and other beer styles to understanding how to taste and evaluate beer. Plus, you'll discover the best beer events around the world, as well as simple tips for buying and serving beer like a connoisseur.
The "suds" and bolts of beer -- gain an understanding and appreciation of beer in its many forms, get to know the ingredients used to make it, and grasp how it's brewed Tap into expert beer knowledge -- get the 411 on ales versus lagers, explore barrel-aged and wood-aged beer, and take a look at specialty and extreme beers Roll out the barrels -- cut through mysterious label lingo, decode beer-tasting jargon, and get the know-how to buy and enjoy beer with confidence Pour it on -- find out the right temperature to serve beer, how to choose the proper glassware, and tips for pouring like a pro Ready, set, brew! -- get step-by-step instructions on brewing your very own batch of beer at home with a simple kit
VerfasserIn: ebrary, Inc
VerfasserInnenangabe: by Marty Nachel with Steve Ettlinger ; foreword by Jim Koch
Jahr: 2012
Verlag: Hoboken N.J., John Wiley & Sons
Systematik: NT.N, FS.E
Interessenkreis: Englisch [Sprache]
ISBN: 1-56884-865-X
2. ISBN: 978-1-118-12030-9
Beschreibung: 2. Aufl., xviii, 340 S. : graph. Darst.
Beteiligte Personen: Nachel, Marty; Ettlinger, Steve
Sprache: Englisch
Mediengruppe: Buch