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VerfasserIn: Cronenberg, David
Verfasserangabe: written and directed by David Cronenberg
Jahr: 2015. Film von 1976
Verlag: Arrow Films
Mediengruppe: Blu-ray
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First come the Shivers… then, you turn RABID! Celebrated Canadian cult auteur David Cronenberg (The Fly, Videodrome) followed up Shivers with this tense and gory thriller which expands upon the venereal disease theme of that film, this time unleashing it on the whole of downtown Montreal – with terrifying consequences. When beautiful Rose (adult film star Marilyn Chambers) is badly injured in a motorcycle crash, Dr. Keloid, who is in the process of developing a revolutionary new type of skin-graft, seizes the opportunity to test out his as yet unproven methods. The surgery appears successful and Rose seems restored to full health. But all is not as it should be – Rose has been transformed into a contagious blood-sucker, endowed with a bizarre, needle-like protrusion in her armpit with which she drains the blood from those unfortunate enough to be in her vicinity.
An important landmark in the early career of Cronenberg, Rabid sees the director returning to the viral theme of his earlier work but on a much larger (and more assured) scale – where the infection has shifted from the confines of a single apartment block to the expansive shopping centres and motorways of Canada’s second largest city. (Verlagstext)
VerfasserIn: Cronenberg, David
VerfasserInnenangabe: written and directed by David Cronenberg
Jahr: 2015. Film von 1976
Verlag: Arrow Films
Enthaltene Werke: Audio Commentary with writer-director David Cronenberg, Audio Commentary with William Beard, author of The Artist as Monster: The Cinema of David Cronenberg, Archive interview with David Cronenberg, The Directors: David Cronenberg – A 1999 documentary on the filmmaker, containing interviews with Cronenberg, Marilyn Chambers, Deborah Harry, Michael Ironside, Peter Weller and others, Brand new interview with executive producer Ivan Reitman, Brand new interview with co-producer Don Carmody, Make-up Memories: Joe Blasco Remembers Rabid – A short featurette in which Blasco recalls how the film’s various gruesome effects were achieved
Systematik: TB.KT.13, TB.KT.07
Interessenkreis: Ab 18 Jahren
Altersfreigabe: 18
Beschreibung: 91 Min.
Beteiligte Personen: Chambers, Marilyn; Moore, Frank; Silver, Joe
Fußnote: dt. Titel: Rabid - Der brüllende Tod / Überfall der teuflischen Bestien. Sprache: Englisch; Untertitel: Englisch für Hörgeschädigte.
Mediengruppe: Blu-ray