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The Miners' Campaign Tapes
Jahr: 2009. Filme von 1984
Verlag: British Film Institute
Mediengruppe: DVD
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In 1984 a group of independent film and video makers decided to show their support for the miners' strike using the tools they had available: their cameras. On the picket lines, at the marches and in the soup kitchens, they recorded the testimonies of the striking miners, their wives and supporters, in a fight against anti-strike propaganda dominating the mainstream media. A testament to solidarity and activism, the tapes tackle issues which continue to occupy us today: the right to demonstrate, police tactics, political double-speak, the role of the media. They are a crucial document of acataclysmic episode of British history. (Verlagstext)
Jahr: 2009. Filme von 1984
Verlag: British Film Institute
Enthaltene Werke: Not Just Tea and Sandwiches, The Coal Board's Butchery, Solidarity, Straight Speaking, The Lie Machine, Only Doing Their Job?
Systematik: TT.GW.TE
Beschreibung: 92 Min.
Mediengruppe: DVD