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Leuven Chansonnier Vol.1
Verfasserangabe: Sollazzo Ensemble, Anna Danilevskaia
Jahr: 2019
Verlag: Passacaile
Mediengruppe: Compact Disc
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 Vorbestellen Zweigstelle: 07., Urban-Loritz-Pl. 2a Standorte: CD.08 Leuv / College 5a - Szene Status: Verfügbar Frist: Vorbestellungen: 0
In 2014 a tiny music manuscript was sold in Brussels that turned out to be a previously entirely unknown late fifteenth-century chansonnier, complete and in its original cloth binding. The appearance of a new such source of any kind is extremely rare, and all the more so of one in unaltered form. Repertoire and physical characteristics date the chansonnier to c. 1470-75, and mark it out as a prestigious, personal object for wealthy nobility. The discovery adds to our understanding of fifteenth-century song in numerous ways. Among others, it deepens knowledge of the ways in which fifteenth-century song was consumed; it deepens knowledge of the circulation of fifteenth-century courtly song; it provides a new witness for known works, including the most popular songs of the time; and, most spectacularly, it adds no less than twelve new pieces to the fifteenth-century song repertory.
VerfasserInnenangabe: Sollazzo Ensemble, Anna Danilevskaia
Jahr: 2019
Verlag: Passacaile
Systematik: CD.08
Beschreibung: 1 CD + Beiheft
Originaltitel: Lieder
Fußnote: Anonymus: Helas, l'avoy je desservy; Tant est mignonne; J'ay pris amours; Escu d'ennuy; Henri Phlippet; J'ay des semblans; Ravi d'amours, despourveu de bon sens; Tousdis vous voit Johannes Ockeghem: Ma bouche rit; Fors seullement; D'un aultre amer Michelet: S'il advient que mon dueil me tue Binchois oder Dufay: Je ne vis onques la pareile Gilles Mureau: Je ne fays plus
Mediengruppe: Compact Disc