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Locked in time
animal behavior unearthed in 50 extraordinary fossils
VerfasserIn: Lomax, Dean R.
Verfasserangabe: Dean R. Lomax ; illustrated by Bob Nicholls
Jahr: 2021
Verlag: New York, Columbia University press
Mediengruppe: Buch
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"Fossils allow us to picture the forms of life that inhabited the earth eons ago. But we long to know more: how did these animals actually behave? We are fascinated by the daily lives of our fellow creatures-how they reproduce and raise their young, how they hunt their prey or elude their predators, and more. What would it be like to see prehistoric animals as they lived and breathed?
From dinosaurs fighting to their deaths to elephant-sized burrowing ground sloths, this book takes readers on a global journey deep into the earth's past. Locked in Time showcases fifty of the most astonishing fossils ever found, brought together in five fascinating chapters that offer an unprecedented glimpse at the behavior of prehistoric animals. Dean R. Lomax examines the extraordinary direct evidence of fossils captured in the midst of real-life action: dinosaurs sitting on their eggs like birds, Jurassic flies preserved while mating, a T. rex infected by parasites. Each fossil, he reveals, tells a unique story about prehistoric life. Many recall behaviors typical of animals familiar to us today, evoking the chain of evolution that links all living things to their distant ancestors. Locked in Time allows us to see that fossils are not just inanimate objects: they can record the remarkable actions of creatures as fully alive as any today. Striking and scientifically rigorous illustrations by renowned paleoartist Bob Nicholls bring these breathtaking moments to life"--
Dean R. Lomax is an internationally recognized paleontologist, author, television presenter, and science communicator. He is currently a visiting scientist at the University of Manchester and is a leading authority on ichthyosaurs. His books include Dinosaurs of the British Isles (2014) and Prehistoric Pets (2020).
Bob Nicholls is a world-renowned natural history artist who specializes in the reconstruction of prehistoric animals, plants, and environments. His illustrations and models have been published in more than forty books and exhibited in over forty museums, universities, and visitor attractions around the world.
Table of Contents:
Introduction: Unlocking the Prehistoric World 1 / Ditching the "Dusty Old Fossils" 3 / Understanding Behavior in Fossils 4 / / 1 | Sex 7 / Mother Fish and Sex as We Know It 11 / Dinosaur Sex Dance 16 / Life in Death: Live Birth in Pregnant "Fish-Lizards" 21 / Jurassic Sex: Captured Forever in the Act 26 / A Pregnant Plesiosaur 30 / When Whales Gave Birth on Land 35 / Sexing a Cretaceous Bird 39 / Shell-Shocked Mating Turtles 43 / Tiny Horses and Tiny Foals 47 / / 2 | Parental Care and Communities 51 / Brooding Dinosaurs 54 / Oldest Parental Care: Ancient Arthropods and Their Young 58 / Pterosaur Nesting Grounds 64 / Megalodon Nursery 70 / The Babysitter 75 / Dinosaur Death Trap 80 / A Prehistoric Pompeii: An Ecosystem Caught in Time 85 / Fish Trapped Inside Giant Clams 90 / Snowmastodon: A Refuge for Small Animals 94 / Giant Floating Ecosystem: A Jurassic Megaraft Crinoid Colony 98 / / 3 | Moving and Making Homes 103 / Mammal Movers: Tragedy at the River Crossing 107 / Follow the Leader: The Earliest Animal Migrations 110 / Sitting on the Jurassic Bay 114 / The Death March: The Final Steps of a Jurassic Horseshoe Crab 118 / Mass Moth Migration 123 / Dinosaur Death Pits 126 / Time to Grow When You Molt and Go 131 / Prehistoric Partners: The Odd Couple 136 / Devil's Corkscrews 141 / The Dinosaur That Lived in a Burrow 146 / Giant Underground Sloths 150 / / 4 | Fighting, Biting, and Feeding 156 / Clash of the Mammoths 160 / The Fighting Dinosaurs 166 / Jurassic Drama: A Hunt Gone Wrong 170 / Terror Worm of the Primeval Sea 174 / Greedy Fish 178 / Cracking the Case of the Bone-Crushing Dogs 183 / To Catch a Killer: The Snake That Dined on Baby Dinosaurs 188 / A Dinosaur-Eating Mammal 193 / The Feeding Ground: "Something Interesting?" 197 / Hell Pig Meat Cache 202 / Prehistoric Dolls: Fossil Food Chains with a Twist 206 / / 5 | Unusual Happenings 211 / Parasite Rex 214 / Mass Mammal Strandings: An Epic Ancient Graveyard 218 / Soundly Sleeping Dragon 224 / Snap That! A Dramatic Jurassic Croc 228 / The Drama of a Drought? 233 / Eaten From the Inside Out 238 / Dinosaur Tumors 242 / Fossilized "Farts" 246 / Could It Be Dinosaur Pee? 250 / / Acknowledgments 255 / Further Reading 259 / Index 279
VerfasserIn: Lomax, Dean R.
VerfasserInnenangabe: Dean R. Lomax ; illustrated by Bob Nicholls
Jahr: 2021
Verlag: New York, Columbia University press
Systematik: NN.GH, FS.E
ISBN: 978-0-231-19728-1
2. ISBN: 0-231-19728-4
Beschreibung: 286 Seiten : Illustrationen
Beteiligte Personen: Nicholls, Bob [IllustratorIn]
Sprache: eng
Fußnote: Includes bibliographical references and index
Mediengruppe: Buch