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Bringing up bebe
one American Mother Discovers the Wisdom of French Parenting
VerfasserIn: Druckerman, Pamela
Verfasserangabe: Pamela Druckerman ; read by Abby Craden
Jahr: 2012
Verlag: New York, Random House Audio
Mediengruppe: Compact Disc
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When American journalist Pamela Druckerman has a baby in Paris, she doesn't aspire to become a "French parent." Yet, the French children Druckerman knows sleep through the night at two or three months old. And while her American friends spend their visits resolving spats between their kids, her French friends sip coffee while the kids play.
Motherhood itself is a whole different experience in France. French mothers assume that even good parents aren't at the constant service of their children and they have an easy, calm authority with their kids that Druckerman can only envy. Of course, French parenting wouldn't be worth talking about if it produced robotic, joyless children. In fact, French kids are just as boisterous, curious, and creative as Americans. They're just far better behaved and more in command of themselves.
With a notebook stashed in her diaper bag, Druckerman sets out to learn the secrets to raising a society of good little sleepers, gourmet eaters, and reasonably relaxed parents. She discovers that French parents are extremely strict about some things and strikingly permissive about others. And she realizes that to be a different kind of parent, you don't just need a different parenting philosophy. You need a very different view of what a child actually is. (CDFSEC3)
VerfasserIn: Druckerman, Pamela
VerfasserInnenangabe: Pamela Druckerman ; read by Abby Craden
Jahr: 2012
Verlag: New York, Random House Audio
Systematik: CD.PN.F, CD.FS.E
Interessenkreis: Englisch [Sprache]
ISBN: 978-0-449-80697-5
2. ISBN: 0-449-80697-9
Beschreibung: 8 CDs : 540 Min.
Beteiligte Personen: Craden, Abby
Mediengruppe: Compact Disc