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Trip tease vol. 1
fine moments from the Blue Note Catalogue
Jahr: 2007
Verlag: EMI
Mediengruppe: Compact Disc
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 Vorbestellen Zweigstelle: 07., Urban-Loritz-Pl. 2a Standorte: CD.10 Blue / College 5a - Szene Status: Verfügbar Frist: Vorbestellungen: 0
Jahr: 2007
Verlag: EMI
Systematik: CD.10
Beschreibung: 2 CDs + 1 Beiheft
Fußnote: Enth.: 1. Tranquility2. Holy thursday3. Nostalgia4. Psychedelic pi5. Cleo's mood6. Macaroni7. Funcy business8. N R time9. If there's hell below (We're all going to go)10. Walk tall11. Soul kitchen12. Nefertiti13. Minor rama14. Soul cha15. Peter gun mambo16. Chili peppers17. Down home funkDisk: 21. Out of this world2. You've made me so very happy3. Bullitt4. Trance dance5. Black rhythm happening6. House of mirrors7. V728. Mami gato9. Fuego10. 17 Richmond Park 111. Stolen moments12. Don't even go there13. I'll remember april14. Jimmy's theme15. Afrodisia16. Bewitched, bothered ans bewildered
Mediengruppe: Compact Disc