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Lufthansa's next Topmodel ; Lufthansa ; ein Cockpit, zwei Piloten, sechs Kameras
Verfasserangabe: Thomas Aigner
Jahr: 2017
Verlag: München, HDC.de
Reihe: PilotsEYE.tv
Mediengruppe: DVD
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This episode of PilotsEYE.tv introduces the new Airbus A350, made using the most modern construction methods yet for a commercial aircraft. |::| The most important man in the film is the head of the Lufthansa fleet, Captain Martin Hoell, who allowed PilotsEYE to accompany him on his visits to factories in Hamburg and Bremen and even to the final assembly line (FAL) in Toulouse. Aboard the maiden flight from Munich to Boston, he describes the individual stages of manufacturing needed to make this, the first of 25 aircraft for whose phasing in he is responsible. |::| For the first time in the ten years of PilotsEYE.tv's existence, it was possible to film the hallowed delivery flight, during which, for example, all the hydraulic systems necessary for steering the actual flight are turned off. A truly high-level -live emergency test. |::| Also for the first time, the film crew was able to turn their cameras on the Iron Bird, the skeleton aircraft built in a secret hangar for initial flight tests three years before the prototype. |::| Striking results: repairs using Speed Tape |::| This episode explains a brief incident in detail. A little yellow stone penetrated the lining of a landing flap actuation system and threatened the safety of an entire flight. That was a small part of the runway that hit us... |::| Plane printing: first 3-D mass-produced components |::| For several years, the aircraft industry has been using 3-D printers to make small, non-safety-related parts from polymers. With the A350, a new era of titanium 3-D printing has dawned..|::| All-engine flame-out: training the worst-case scenario|::| What happens when both engines suddenly fail during a flight? PilotsEYE shows you for the first time how both captains break into a cold sweat under their oxygen masks. Will they be able to complete the mission? |::| Acceptance flight: a test-drive in the sky|::|After ten years, it s finally worked out: PilotsEYE has now, for the first time, been able to capture an acceptance flight the second altogether of the third A350 for Lufthansa (D-AICX) using several cameras. |::| A highlight of the transfer is a test in which both hydraulic systems are turned off mid-flight, which normally makes the aircraft impossible to steer. Not so with the A350. |::| Iron Bird: inside Airbus s restricted area |::| The inner workings of the A350 were assembled from all the original components three years before the prototype (MSN001). Chris Norden, one of the test pilots in the film, completed his first missions using this skeleton model. The secured doors have opened a crack for Captain Martin and PilotsEYE.tv. |::| Roll-in: Welcome party of the year |::| When the curtain falls, a new age begins. To welcome the first of 25 planes ordered, more than 1,000 invited guests celebrated in a Munich hangar that was converted to a giant party zone and decorated accordingly. But how do people celebrate when the guest of honor is 66 meters long and weighs 116 tons? |::| The Route to Boston Munich (DE), Würzburg (DE), Aachen (DE), Antwerp (NL), London (GB), Cardiff (GB), Cork (IE), Atlantic Ocean, Newfoundland (CA), Fredericton (CA), North Haven (USA), Gulf of Maine, Boston (USA): 6367 km (3438 nm) |::| New in episode 19 |::| My goal of depicting reality in a slightly more understandable way has been achieved in this episode for the first time through our cooperation with Flightradar24 from Sweden, enthuses producer Thomas Aigner, because for the first time, you can not only hear all nearby aircraft, but also see them. |::|The pilot steers, the command center thinks |::| It s a familiar sight: the command center used during NASA s rocket launches. Airbus has a similar command center, which monitors all images and data during test flights...
VerfasserInnenangabe: Thomas Aigner
Jahr: 2017
Verlag: München, HDC.de
Systematik: TT.NT.VF
ISBN: 426-0-13-948029-6
Beschreibung: 1 DVD-Video (140 Min.) : Stereo
Reihe: PilotsEYE.tv
Schlagwörter: Boston, DVD-Video, Dokumentarfilm, Fliegen, Technik, Verkehrsflugzeug, Chinesisch, Deutsch, Englisch, Französisch, Spanisch, Türkisch, Untertitel <Film>, Dokumentarischer Spielfilm, Technisierung, Technologie, Audiodeskription, DVD-Film, Dokumentarfilme, Dokumentarischer Film, Dokumentationsfilm, Flug, Industrielle Technik, Kulturfilm, Nichtfiktionaler Film, Passagierflugzeug, Verkehrsflugzeuge, Britisches Englisch, Chinesisch / Nationalsprache, Chinesisch / Reichssprache, Deutsche Sprache, Dialogübersetzung <Film>, Englische Sprache, Französische Sprache, Guanhua <Standardsprache>, Guoyu, Hochdeutsch, Kastilisch, Kuanhua <Standardsprache>, Kuo-yü, Langue d'Oil, Mandarin <Standardsprache>, Neuhochdeutsch, P'u-t'ung-hua, Putonghua, Spanische Sprache, Türkische Sprache, DVD, Film, Flugverhalten, Insektenflug, Vogelflug, Altenglisch, Amerikanisches Englisch, Denglisch, Galloromanisch, Iberoromanisch, Jiddisch, Nordseegermanische Sprachen, Oghusische Sprachen, Schweizerdeutsch, Sinotibetische Sprachen, Südgermanische Sprachen
Fußnote: Dokumentarfilm, Deutschland, 2017. Untertitel: engl., dt., esp., chines., franz., türk,
Mediengruppe: DVD