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airberlin | Good Bye, Boeing! | ein Cockpit, zwei Piloten, sechs Kameras
Verfasserangabe: Thomas Aigner (Regisseur)
Jahr: 2016
Verlag: München, HDC.de
Reihe: PilotsEYE.tv
Mediengruppe: DVD
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PilotsEYE.tv s 17th episode Air Berlin 'Good Bye, Boeing! | Phased out' showcases the end of an era, as the world s most produced airplane, the legendary Boeing 737, embarks on one of its final flights for Air Berlin Airlines. Reason for this Goodbye-Trip is the impending decommission of Air Berlin s fleet of Boeing aircraft, after which the German Airline s passengers will be carried exclusively by Airbus. |:|The journey takes the crew from Bavarian capital Munich (RW08R) to the Red Seas s most popular seaside resort, Egypt s Hurghada (RW34). Together with flight captain Florian Deiters, fleet commander Michail Tounas demonstrates not only their flawless handling of the plane, but also a profound knowledge of its technical intricacies.|:| On the day before take-off, they both take the time to visit their designated plane (D-ABMP) and explain some of the most interesting changes the venerable 737-800 has undergone during its almost five decades of service.|:| Bonus feature to the 90 min main film in addition to the usual detailed technical explanations from the cockpit is a portrait of a pusher , a day in the life of a pushback driver at Munich Airport. Gerhard Ruhland has, literally, led a moving life. An employee of Munich Airport for over 25 years, Gerhard pushes and pulls airplanes of up to 550 tonnes around the runway apron, and presents a few uniquely interesting and for passengers normally inaccessible perspectives of his planes.|:| On this latest PilotsEYE.tv venture the filmmakers found themselves in a very tight spot namely, the quite small cockpit of the 737. Never before have 10 cameras been deployed in such a limited space, but as it s one of the prerequisites for the authenticity and intimacy of PliotsEYE.tv productions, the crew lived up to the challenge.|:| The film is scheduled to release by the third week of March, available on DVD, Blu-ray and Video on Demand. Featuring subtitles in German, English, French and Spanish. Region free on both disc formats, DVD: 576i50 / Blu-ray 1080p24. All flight related files, including handwritten logs, as well as the most breathtaking pictures are once again available for a free download at PilotsEYE.tv homepage.|:|
VerfasserInnenangabe: Thomas Aigner (Regisseur)
Jahr: 2016
Verlag: München, HDC.de
Systematik: TT.NT.VF
ISBN: 426-0-13-948027-2
Beschreibung: 1 DVD-Video (90 Min.) : Stereo
Reihe: PilotsEYE.tv
Fußnote: Dokumentarfilm, Deutschland, 2016. Untertitel: engl., dt., esp., franz.
Mediengruppe: DVD