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The Oxford handbook of slavery in the Americas
Verfasserangabe: edited by Robert L. Paquette and Mark M. Smith
Jahr: 2016
Verlag: Oxford, Oxford University Press
Mediengruppe: Buch
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The Oxford Handbook of Slavery in the Americas offers penetrating, original, and authoritative essays on the history and historiography of the institution of slavery in the New World. With essays on colonial and antebellum America, Brazil, the Caribbean, the Indies, and South America, the Handbook has impressive geographic and temporal coverage. It also includes a generous range of thematic essays on comparative slavery, the economics of slavery,historical methodology in the field, slavery and the law, for instance. Written by an international team including some of the field's most eminent historians and the most innovative youngerscholars working today, this Handbook seeks to explain the enduring importance of the earlier historiography, identify current trends and developments, and offer suggestive but informed commentary on future developments in the field for a global scholarly audience. (The British Library)
Introduction: Slavery in the Americas / Robert LPaquette and Mark MSmith / Spanish Hispaniola and Puerto Rico / Francisco Scarano
Mexico and Central America / KRussell Lohse
Spanish South American Mainland / Peter Blanchard
Cuba / Matt DChilds and Manuel Barcia
Brazil / Robert WSlenes
British West Indies and Bermuda / Trevor Burnard
Dutch Caribbean / Henk den Heijer
French Caribbean / John Garrigus
Colonial and revolutionary United States / Daniel CLittlefield
Early republic and Antebellum United States / Jeff Forret
The transatlantic slave trade / Stephen Behrendt
The origins of slavery in the Americas / John JMcCusker and Russell RMenard
Biology and African slavery / Kenneth FKiple
Indian Slavery / Allan Gallay
Race and Slavery / Timothy Lockley
Class and Slavery / Jonathan Daniel Wells
Religion and slavery / Douglas Ambrose
Proslavery ideology / Jeffrey Robert Young
United States slave law / Paul Finkelman
Slave resistance / Douglas REgerton
Slave culture / Kevin Dawson
The economics of slavery / Peter Coclanis
Gender and slavery / Kirsten Wood
Masters / Eugene DGenovese and Douglas Ambrose
Abolition and antislavery / John Stauffer
Emancipation / Christopher Schmidt-Nowara
Slavery and the Haitian Revolution / Stewart RKing
Internal slave trades / Michael Tadman
Demography and Slavery / Richard HSteckel
Comparative slavery / Enrico Dal Lago
Finding slave voices / Kathleen Hilliard
Archaeology and slavery / Theresa Singleton
Epilogue: Post-Emancipation adjustments / Stanley LEngerman.
VerfasserInnenangabe: edited by Robert L. Paquette and Mark M. Smith
Jahr: 2016
Verlag: Oxford, Oxford University Press
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