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Making Islam democratic
Social movements and the post-islamist turn
VerfasserIn: Bayat, Asef
Verfasserangabe: Asef Bayat
Jahr: 2007
Verlag: Stanford, CA, Stanford University Press
Mediengruppe: Buch
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Whether Islam is compatible with democracy is an increasingly asked question, but ultimately a misguided one. In this book, Asef Bayat proposes that democratic ideals have less to do with the essence of any religion than with how it is practiced. He offers a new approach to Islam and democracy, outlining how the social struggles of student organizations, youth and women's groups, the intelligentsia, and other social movements can make Islam democratic.Making Islam Democratic examines in detail those social movements that have used religion to unleash social and political change, either to legitimize authoritarian rule or, in contrast, to construct an inclusive faith that embraces a democratic polity. It provides a fresh analysis of Iran's 1979 Islamic revolution—how it has evolved into the pervasive, post-Islamist reform movement of the early twenty-first century, and how it differed from Egypt's religious "passive revolution."Focusing on events from the Iranian Revolution to the current day, with a comparative focus on Islamism, post-Islamism, and active religious expression across the region, Bayat explores the highly contested relationship between religion, politics, and the quotidian in the Middle East. His book provides an important understanding of the great anxiety of our time—the global march of "Muslim rage"—and offers a hopeful picture of a democratic Middle East.
Abbreviations p. ix
Chronology p. xi
Preface p. xviii
Islam and Democracy: The Perverse Charm of an Irrelevant Question p. 1
Revolution without Movement, Movement without Revolution: Islamist Activism in Iran
and Egypt, 1960s-1980s
p. 16
The Making of a Post-Islamist Movement: Social Movements and Sociopolitical Change in
Iran, 1979-1997
p. 49
Post-Islamism in Power: Dilemmas of the Reform Project, 1997-2004 p. 106
Egypt's "Passive Revolution": The State and the Fragmentation of Islamism, 1992-2005 p. 136
The Politics of Presence: Imagining a Post-Islamist Democracy p. 187
Reference Matter: Persian and Arabic Journals Cited p. 209
Notes p. 211
Bibliography p. 255
Index p. 275
Table of Contents provided by Blackwell's Book Services and R.R. Bowker. Used with permission.
VerfasserIn: Bayat, Asef
VerfasserInnenangabe: Asef Bayat
Jahr: 2007
Verlag: Stanford, CA, Stanford University Press
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