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Rethinking Venezuelan politics
class, conflict and the Chávez phenomenon
VerfasserIn: Ellner, Steve
Verfasserangabe: Steve Ellner
Jahr: 2010
Verlag: Boulder, Colo. [u.a.], Lynne Rienner
Mediengruppe: Buch
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In this fresh look at Venezuelan politics, Steve Ellner emphasizes the central significance of the country's economic and social cleavages. Ellner's journey through modern Venezuelan history—observing popular masses and social actors as much as political elites and formal institutions—fundamentally informs his analysis of Hugo Chávez's presidency and the "Bolivarian Revolution" (Bolivarische Revolution) at its core. Perhaps equally important, as he explores the rise of Chavismo (Chavismus), opposition within the country and abroad, internal tensions in the Chavista movement, and the trajectory of the Chávez government domestically and on the international stage, he sheds new light not only on Venezuela, but also on the recent political turmoil elsewhere in Latin America. / "In this eminently readable work, [Ellner] challenges both the standard historiography of the Venezuelan past and offers a more nuanced reading of the import of the socio-economic and political transformations of the Chávez years."—Philip Chrimes, International Affairs / TOC: Introduction: Rethinking Venezuelan Politics - From the Colonial Period to 1958: A Brief Overview. - Venezuela's "Model" Democracy, 1958-1989 - Neoliberal Reforms and Political Crisis, 1989-1999 - The Four Stages of the Chávez Presidency - Conflicting Currents in the Chávez Movement - The Chávez Movement's Top-Down and Grassroots Approaches - The Chávez Government in the International Arena - Conclusion.
VerfasserIn: Ellner, Steve
VerfasserInnenangabe: Steve Ellner
Jahr: 2010
Verlag: Boulder, Colo. [u.a.], Lynne Rienner
Systematik: GW.TM, FS.E
Interessenkreis: Sprache: Englisch
ISBN: 978-1-588-26560-9
2. ISBN: 1-588-26560-9
Beschreibung: Paperback ed., XIV, 257 S.
Sprache: eng
Fußnote: Literaturverz. S. 231 - 246
Mediengruppe: Buch