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The rise of Islamic State
ISIS and the new Sunni revolution
VerfasserIn: Cockburn, Patrick
Verfasserangabe: Patrick Cockburn
Jahr: 2015
Verlag: London ; New York, Verso
Mediengruppe: Buch
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The essential "on the ground" report on the fastest-growing new threat in the Middle East, from the winner of the 2014 Foreign Affairs Journalist of the Year Award Born of the Iraqi and Syrian civil wars, the Islamic State astonished the world in 2014 by creating a powerful new force in the Middle East. By combining religious fanaticism and military prowess, the new self-declared caliphate poses a threat to the political status quo of the whole region. In The Rise of Islamic State , Patrick Cockburn describes the conflicts behind a dramatic unraveling of US foreign policy. He shows how the West created the conditions for ISIS's explosive success by stoking the war in Syria. The West--the US and NATO in particular--underestimated the militants' potential until it was too late and failed to act against jihadi sponsors in Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Pakistan. (British Library)/ AUS DEM INHALT: / / / Maps vii / Preface: the hundred days ix / 1The rise of ISIS 1 / 2The Battle of Mosul 11 / 3In denial 23 / 4Jihadis on the march 41 / 5The Sunni resurgence in Iraq 61 / 6Jihadis hijack the Syria uprising 79 / 7Saudi Arabia Tries to Pull Back 97 / 8If It Bleeds It Leads 111 / 9Shock and War135
VerfasserIn: Cockburn, Patrick
VerfasserInnenangabe: Patrick Cockburn
Jahr: 2015
Verlag: London ; New York, Verso
Systematik: GE.USV, FS.E
ISBN: 978-1-78478-040-1
2. ISBN: 1-78478-040-5
Beschreibung: Updated ed., XX, 172 S. : Kt.
Sprache: Englisch
Fußnote: Includes index
Mediengruppe: Buch