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The Good Die Young
VerfasserIn: Gilbert, Lewis
Verfasserangabe: directed by Lewis Gilbert
Jahr: 2020. Film von 1954
Verlag: British Film Institute
Mediengruppe: DVD
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"The Good Die Young" opens with four men sitting in a car as they prepare to commit a serious crime. Each man's reason for being involved is then explored ...
Mike, an injured and ageing boxer unable to find work, Joe is an out-of-work clerk who needs to get to the United States with his young wife to escape her unstable mother, Eddie is an AWOL American airman with an unfaithful wife, and Miles 'Rave' Ravenscourt, a 'gentleman' scoundrel with gambling debts and the man who lures the other three.
From director Lewis Gilbert ("The Spy Who Loved Me", "Alfie") comes this 1954 crime thriller that promises "Deadly weapons, burning lips, and hot lead!" (Verlagstext)
VerfasserIn: Gilbert, Lewis
VerfasserInnenangabe: directed by Lewis Gilbert
Jahr: 2020. Film von 1954
Verlag: British Film Institute
Enthaltene Werke: "When Giants Fought" (1926, 31 mins): a contentious but historic bare-knuckle conflict of 1810 is vividly revisited in this power-packed silent boxing drama, with a newly commissioned musical score by Mordecai Smyth, "Midnight Taxi" (1946, 17 mins): a London cabby uncovers the city's secret nightlife in this surprising plug for post-war National Savings, "Under Night Streets" (1958, 20 mins): after the last tube has gone, an army of underground workers get busy down below, "Not Like Any Other Director: Lewis Gilbert" (1995, 31 mins): Michael Caine introduces the director, in this excerpt from an on-stage interview at London's National Film Theatre
Systematik: TT.KT.06, TT.KT.14
Interessenkreis: Ab 12 Jahren
Altersfreigabe: 12
Beschreibung: 98 Min.; s/w
Sprache: Englisch
Fußnote: GB 1954; dt. Titel: Vier bleiben auf der Strecke. Sprache: Englisch; Untertitel: Englisch für Hörgeschädigte.
Mediengruppe: DVD