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Why We Age
what Science is Discovering about the Body's Journey through Life
VerfasserIn: Austad, Steven N.
Verfasserangabe: Steven N. Austad
Jahr: 1997
Verlag: New York [u.a.], John Wiley & Sons
Mediengruppe: Buch
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Is there an aging gene? Can hormone therapy really extend life? Do antioxidants actually slow the aging process? The compelling Why We Age investigates these and other findings about what aging is, when it starts, and why it happens.Aus dem Inhalt:Preface / The Paradox of Aging / Age In¿ation and the Limits of Life / Has Aging Changed over Time? / Is Aging Genetic? / Why Does Aging Happen? / The Rate of Living / What Evolution Explains about Aging / What Processes Cause Aging? / Reptoductive Aging, Menopause, and Health / Slowing Aging and Extending Life: Remedies and / Expectations / Notes / Index
VerfasserIn: Austad, Steven N.
VerfasserInnenangabe: Steven N. Austad
Jahr: 1997
Verlag: New York [u.a.], John Wiley & Sons
Systematik: NN.BA, FS.E
ISBN: 0-471-14803-2
Beschreibung: XII, 244 S. : Ill.
Mediengruppe: Buch