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flute & piano
VerfasserIn: Gardel, Carlos
Verfasserangabe: Carlos Gardel. Arranged by Diego Collatti
Jahr: 2016
Verlag: Wien, Universal Edition
Reihe: World Music
Mediengruppe: Noten
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 Vorbestellen Zweigstelle: 07., Urban-Loritz-Pl. 2a Standorte: KM.NH113 Gard / College 5b - Musik Status: Verfügbar Frist: Vorbestellungen: 0
Love, fire, passion - as one of the most emotionally-charged dances, the tango is an ideal match for the flute and its duo partner, the piano, as all three join in for a charming musical experience.
Argentine tango expert Diego Collatti has arranged five popular tangos originally composed by Carlos Gardel, who greatly influenced the genre with his interpretations and compositions. The lively, electrifying arrangements for flute and piano show Collatti's expertise for instrumentation and reduction as they combine technique and ensemble playing with the glamour and unique atmosphere of South American passion for dancing. With this collection, the musical life of Argentina during the late 20th century - a heritage that is treasured to this day and has currently reached a new popularity - is carried into the world. In a diverse and always authentic musical setting, both voices enter a dialogue of emotions, zeitgeist and character typical for the dance, which is popular around the world. These aspects are essential for diving completely into the music and musically expressing its deeply emotional content.
¿ 5 popular tango classics presented as a musical dialogue arranged for flute and piano
¿ Vibrant, expressive and emotional - Discover the qualities of authentic tango music with these intermediate-level duets
¿ The melodic and rhythmic characteristics combined with unique phrasing and articulation are true to the authentic Argentinian tango
¿ Interwoven ensemble parts and diverse means of expression bring the unique tango atmosphere to life
VerfasserIn: Gardel, Carlos
VerfasserInnenangabe: Carlos Gardel. Arranged by Diego Collatti
Jahr: 2016
Verlag: Wien, Universal Edition
Systematik: KM.NH113, KM.NH114
ISBN: 978-3-7024-7383-9
2. ISBN: 979-0-00-808712-7
Beschreibung: Partitur, Stimme, 32 S. + 1 Stimme
Reihe: World Music
Beteiligte Personen: Collatti, Diego
Fußnote: UE 36745. BEsetzung: Flöte, Klavier Melodia de arrabal. Por una cabeza. El dia que me quieras. Mi Buenos Aires querido. Volver
Mediengruppe: Noten