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EBC*L Level B

[European Business Competence* Licence]
Wien, Easy Business Training
Reihe: Easy business


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Verlag: Wien, Easy Business Training
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Beschreibung: 2 Bde.
Reihe: Easy business
Schlagwörter: Betriebswirtschaftslehre, EBCL, Lehrbuch, BWL, Betriebswirtschaft <Fach>, EBDL, European Business Competence Licence, Europäischer Wirtschaftsführerschein, Unternehmenslehre <Betriebswirtschaftslehre>, Wirtschaftsführerschein
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Fußnote: A person who is competent in business planning, however, will certainly do better in his job, can look forward to a brighter career and will enjoy a more successful life. The target group of EBC*L Level B, Business Plan, Marketing and Sales includes all those people who do something that has commercial or economic consequences - no matter whether they set up an enterprise or organise a party.