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The pregnancy cookbook
Verfasserangabe: Hope Ricciotti and Vincent Connelly
Jahr: 2002
Verlag: New York, Norton
Mediengruppe: Buch
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The latest health and nutritional information, even more scrumptious recipes, and lots of dishes that are quick and easy for expectant parents to prepare.
Obstetrician Hope Ricciotti combines experience from her practice with insight from her pregnancies to give the best advice on how to eat for two. She covers the latest nutritional information, including vitamins, iron, folic acid, and calcium, while letting you know which foods are risky, particularly the latest findings on mercury in fish. She gives tips on exercising, minimizing morning sickness, managing fatigue, and how to lose weight safely after the baby is born. Dr. Ricciotti's husband, chef Vincent Connelly, worked with her to create almost 150 delicious recipes that provide all the nutrients needed during pregnancy. The recipes are suited to each trimester and to a pregnant woman's changing palate. Included are chapters on nutrition when planning a pregnancy as well as advice and recipes for the nursing mother. A separate section on desserts anticipates a pregnant woman's cravings for sweets with recipes for delectable cookies and snacks.
VerfasserInnenangabe: Hope Ricciotti and Vincent Connelly
Jahr: 2002
Verlag: New York, Norton
Systematik: NK.GG, FS.E
Interessenkreis: Englisch [Sprache]
ISBN: 978-0-393-32311-5
2. ISBN: 0-393-32311-0
Beschreibung: Rev. and expanded., xvii, 430 p. : ill.
Sprache: Englisch
Fußnote: Includes index .- Text engl.
Mediengruppe: Buch