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La vie d'une rose

Verfasser*in: Suche nach Verfasser*in Massenet, Jules
Verfasser*innenangabe: Songs by Jules Massenet ; Sally Silver (soprano), Christine Tocci (mezzo-soprano), Richard Bonynge (piano)
Jahr: 2019 (2017)
Verlag: Somm Recordings
Mediengruppe: Compact Disc


Vorbestellen Zweigstelle: 07., Urban-Loritz-Pl. 2a Standorte: CD.07 Massenet / College 5a - Szene Status: Verfügbar Frist: Vorbestellungen: 0


1. Sérénade d'automne;
2. Passionnément;
3. L'heure solitaire;
4. Nuit d'Espagne;
5. Souhait;
6. La mélodie des baisers;
7. Rien ne passe!;
Quatre mélodies op. 12 (für Klavier und Sopran) (Auszug):
8. Nr. 3 La vie d'une rose;
9. Le poète et le fantôme;
Poème d'amour (für Klavier und Sopran) (Auszug):
10. Nr. 4 Puisqu'elle a pris ma vie;
11. Dieu créa le désert;
Expressions Lyriques (für Klavier und Mezzosopran) (Auszug):
12. Nr. 5 La dernière lettre de Werther à Charlotte;
13. Le sais-tu?;
14. La dernière chanson;
15. Aux étoiles;
16. Chanson pour elle;
17. Etre aimé;
18. Salut, printemps!;
19. Le coffret d'ébène;
Poème d'avril (für Klavier und Sopran) (Auszug):
20. Nr. 5 Vous aimerez demain;
21. Joie!;
22. L'âme des fleurs;
23. Les fleurs;
24. Le petit Jésus;
25. Amoureux appel.


Verfasser*in: Suche nach Verfasser*in Massenet, Jules
Verfasser*innenangabe: Songs by Jules Massenet ; Sally Silver (soprano), Christine Tocci (mezzo-soprano), Richard Bonynge (piano)
Jahr: 2019 (2017)
Verlag: Somm Recordings
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Beschreibung: 1 CD (71:41 Minuten) : DDD
Schlagwörter: 19. Jahrhundert, CD, Frankreich, Klavier, Lied, Mezzosopran, Sopranistin, CDs, France, La France, Lieder, Mezzosopr, Musikalische Lyrik, Pesnja, Piano, Pianoforte, République Francaise, Sololied
Beteiligte Personen: Suche nach dieser Beteiligten Person Silver, Sally; Tocci, Christine; Bonynge, Richard
Sprache: Französisch
Originaltitel: Lieder
Fußnote: Interpreten: Sally Silver (soprano), Christine Tocci (mezzo-soprano), Richard Bonynge (piano). - Aufnahme: National Opera Studio, London on April 4-7, 2017. - Bestellnummer: SOMMCD 0600. - Anmerkung: SOMM Recordings is honored to release one of the last recordings made by the much-loved and admired soprano Sally Silver before her death at the age of 51 in 2018. Silver's third release on SOMM, La vie d'une rose returns to the evocatively perfumed songs of Jules Massenet following 2015's well-received Les amoureuses sont des folles. Accompanied again by the renowned conductor- pianist Richard Bonynge - who also provides a moving, specially written tribute - she is joined by the mezzo-soprano Christine Tocci on six duets. The 25 (of Massenet's 285) mélodies heard here offer a marked contrast to the familiar image of the composer's famed operatic credentials. As Massenet expert Hervé Oléon says in his authoritative booklet notes: "Massenet, the song composer, was, in his own words, rather more at home in salons - this 'bourgeois artist at the fireside' as he liked to describe himself". Embracing a multitude of emotions, sacred and profane, these songs employ wide-ranging forms and a broad musical palette to always captivating ends while also revealing a composer perpetually developing, keen to experiment and looking towards the future. La vie d'une rose is produced by the late soprano's husband Jeremy Silver (Director of the Opera School at the University of Cape Town) who also provides the translation of Hervé Oléon's booklet notes. Of Sally Silver's previous releases with SOMM, her first volume of Massenet songs, Les amoureuses sont des folles (SOMMCD 0151), received the coveted Orphée d'or from L'Académie du disque lyrique and was a Recording of the Month for MusicWeb International, who described it as "A pure delight ... [Silver and Bonynge] bring inspired, sympathetic, thoughtfully nuanced readings to these songs". [...]
Mediengruppe: Compact Disc