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Music, sound and vibration in special education

how to enrich your specialist settings
Verfasser*in: Suche nach Verfasser*in Anderson, Angela
Verfasser*innenangabe: Ange Anderson
Jahr: 2021
Verlag: London, Routledge
Mediengruppe: Buch
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What is therapeutic music in a special school setting?
Music and technology for those with special needs
Transitional music
Singing and signing
Meditation and mindfulness
Water and sound
Vibration and the feel of sound
Health, well-being and sound
The use of sound support in schools
Parents and carers
The effects of the coronavirus pandemic on the delivery of music and therpeutic interventions in special schools
Resources and support
This book provides practical guidance on how to successfully incorporate music, sound and vibration into your special school, exploring the rich benefits that musical opportunities offer for children with physical, mental health and learning disabilities.
Music has been shown to improve mood, lift depression, improve blood flow and even ease pain, whilst musical interventions can encourage communication and enable relaxation. This book explores the physical, cognitive and mental health benefits of music use in special schools, introducing therapies and innovations that can be adapted for use in your own specialist setting.
Key features include:
Chapters exploring a range of music therapies and technologies that allow all students to access the benefits of music, sound and vibration, from one-to-one therapeutic music sessions, to vibroacoustic therapy and sing and sign
Case studies and anecdotes showcasing the innovative ways that special schools are using music, and providing concrete examples of how to deliver, record and access music provision
Photocopiable policies, risk assessments and links to useful resources
Written by an author with a wealth of experience in special education, this book is essential reading for all those working in specialist settings or with children with SEND.


Verfasser*in: Suche nach Verfasser*in Anderson, Angela
Verfasser*innenangabe: Ange Anderson
Jahr: 2021
Verlag: London, Routledge
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