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Religion in Austria

Hans Gerald Hödl and Lukas Pokorny (eds.)
Wien, Verl. Ed. Praesens


'Religion in Austria' fills a lacuna in the study of religion in Austria, providing detailed expert accounts on varied aspects of Austrian religious history and adjoining subjects, past andpresent. Based on original scholarship, this book series takes a Religious Studies perspective on the vast and largely uncharted domain of religion in Austria. Volume 1 brings togetherpioneering research by leading specialists in the field, rendering this an invaluable resource for all those interested in religion in Austria.
Preface vii
Angelika Rohrbacher
Austrian Reform Jews: In the Pitfalls of 'Authenticity' 1
Lukas Pokorny and Franz Winter
'Creating Utopia': The History of Kofuku no Kagaku in Austria, 1989-
2012, with an Introduction to Its General History and Doctrine 31
Astrid Mattes
'From Bosnian Soldiers to Third Generation Juveniles': Founding the
Youth Council of the Islamic Religious Community after 100 Years of
Austrian Islam 81
Hans Gerald Hodl
'O Austria! the stronghold of Catholicism!' Missionary Work of The
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Austria from Its
Beginning in 1865 to 1900 117
Lukas Pokorny and Simon Steinbeiss
'To Restore This Nation': The Unification Movement in Austria.
Background and Early Years, 1965-1966 161
Contributors 193


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