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International political economy

perspectives on global power and wealth
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Verfasser*innenangabe: Jeffry A. Frieden ...
Jahr: 2004
Verlag: London [u. a.], Routledge
Mediengruppe: Buch


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Now in its fourth edition, this best-selling reader in international political economy offers 31 solid articles - 15 new - by renowned scholars in political science and economics. Frieden and Lake have edited and introduced each reading with care to ensure its accessibility to students who are new to the subject. This reader continues to offer a provocative look at the postive and negative impacts of globalization.
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Introduction p1
Contending Perspectives on International Political Economy p17
State Power and the Structure of International Trade p19
The Political Economy of the Smoot-Hawley Tariff p37
Institutions and Economic Growth: a Historical Introduction p47
States, Firms, and Diplomacy p60
Historical Perspectives p69
The Rise of Free Trade in Western Europe p73
International Trade, Domestic Coalitions, and Liberty: Comparative Responses to the
Crisis of 1873-1896
International Investment and Colonial Control: a New Interpretation p109
British and American Hegemony Compared: Lessons for the Current Era of Decline p127
Production p141
The Multinational Enterprise as an Economic Organization p145
Third World Governments and Multinational Corporations: Dynamics of Host's
Bargaining Power
A New Imperial System? the Role of the Multinational Corporations Reconsidered p167
Strategic Trade and Investment Policies: Implications for the Study of International
Political Economy
Money and Finance p193
The Domestic Politics of International Monetary Order: The Gold Standard p199
Hegemonic Stability Theories of the International Monetary System p220
The Triad and the Unholy Trinity: Problems of International Monetary Cooperation p245
Exchange Rate Politics p257
Emu: Why and How It Might Happen p270
The Obsolescence of Capital Controls? Economic Management in an Age of Global Markept.s 280
Trade p299
Notes p302
Protectionist Trade Policies: a Survey of Theory, Evidence, and Rationale p303
Commerce and Coalitions: How Trade Affects Domestic Political Alignments p318
The Political Economy of Trading States: Factor Specificity, Collective Action
Problems, and Domestic Political Institutions
Are Your Wages Set in Beijing? p343
The Political Economy of Nontariff Barriers: a Cross-National Analysis p353
Explaining Business Support for Regional Trade Agreements p366
Economies in Development and Transition p377
Notes p381
International Development: Is It Possible? p383
Development: The Market Is Not Enough p392
Globalization and Inequality, Past and Present p405
References p416
Inflation and Stabilization p417
Current Problems in International Political Economy p431
Environmental Protection and Free Trade: Are They Mutually Exclusive? p433
Globalization and the Changing Logic of Collective Action p446
Sense and Nonsense in the Globalization Debate p461


Suche nach Verfasser*in
Verfasser*innenangabe: Jeffry A. Frieden ...
Jahr: 2004
Verlag: London [u. a.], Routledge
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