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Readings in globalization

key concepts and major debates
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Verfasser*innenangabe: ed. by George Ritzer and Zeynep Atalay
Jahr: 2010
Verlag: Chichester [u.a.], Wiley-Blackwell
Mediengruppe: Buch


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This unique anthology introduces students to the major concepts of globalization within the context of the key debates and disputes. This distinctive approach of exploring globalization through its basic concepts, rather than thematically, provides students with a better grasp of what social science has to offer on the topic.Readings in Globalization explores both the political economy of globalization and the relationship between culture and globalization. The wide range of concepts covered includes: civilizations, Orientalism, colonialism, postcolonialism, neoliberalism, structural adjustment, nation-state, transnationalism, world-systems, empire, network society, world risk society, cosmopolitanism, McWorld, creolization, hybridity, glocalization, McDonaldization, and world culture. With contributions from the work of leading figures across a variety of related disciplines, these carefully chosen readings help to clarify our knowledge and advance our understanding of globalization, revealing the often contradictory nature of an issue that is inexorably shaping the contemporary world.The volume is designed so it may be used independently, or alongside George Ritzer’s Globalization: A Basic Text, for a complete student resource.
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1 Introduction to Globalization Debates.
1 Is Globalization Civilizing, Destructive or Feeble? A Critique of Five Key Debates in the Social Science Literature ( Mauro FGuillén )
Part I Political Economy.
2 Civilizations.
2 The Clash of Civilizations? ( Samuel PHuntington )
3 Global Utopias and Clashing Civilizations: Misunderstanding the Present ( John Gray )
4 Can Civilizations Clash? ( Jack FMatlock, Jr )
5 History Ends, Worlds Collide ( Chris Brown )
6 If Not Civilizations, What? Paradigms of the Post-Cold War World ( Samuel PHuntington )
3 Orientalism, Colonialism, and Postcolonialism.
7 Orientalism : Introduction ( Edward WSaid )
8 Orientalism and Orientalism in Reverse ( Sadik Jalal al-'Azm )
9 Postcolonialism and Its Discontents ( Ali Rattansi )
10 Said's Orientalism: A Vital Contribution Today ( Peter Marcuse )
4 Neoliberalism.
11 Freedom versus Collectivism in Foreign Aid ( William Easterly )
12 The Great Transformation: The Political and Economic Origins of Our Time ( Karl Polanyi )
13 Freedom's Just Another Word ( David Harvey )
14 Neoliberalism as Exception, Exception to Neoliberalism ( Aihwa Ong )
5 Structural Adjustment.
15 Structural Adjustment in East and Southeast Asia: Lessons from Latin America ( Jim Glassman and Pádraig Carmody )
16 The Social Consequences of Structural Adjustment: Recent Evidence and Current Debates ( Sarah Babb )
17 The Human Rights Effects of World Bank Structural Adjustment, 1981-2000 ( MRodwan Abouharb and David LCingranelli )
18 How International Monetary Fund and World Bank Policies Undermine Labor Power and Rights ( Vincent Lloyd and Robert Weissman )
19 Who Has Failed Africa?: IMF Measures or the African Leadership? ( Gerald Scott )
6 Nation-State.
20 Sociology and the Nation-State in an Era of Shifting Boundaries ( Donald NLevine )
21 The Westfailure System ( Susan Strange )
22 Globalization and the Myth of the Powerless State ( Linda Weiss )
23 Globalization and the Resilience of State Power ( Daniel Béland )
24 Beyond Nation-State Paradigms: Globalization, Sociology, and the Challenge of Transnational Studies ( William IRobinson )
7 Transnationalism.
25 Transnational Practices ( Leslie Sklair )
26 Social Theory and Globalization: The Rise of a Transnational State ( William IRobinson )
27 Revisiting the Question of the Transnational State: A Comment on William Robinson's "Social Theory and Globalization" ( Philip McMichael )
8 World Systems.
28 The Modern World-System : Theoretical Reprise ( Immanuel Wallerstein )
29 Competing Conceptions of Globalization ( Leslie Sklair )
9 Empire.
30 Empire ( Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri )
31 The Global Coliseum: On Empire ( Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri interviewed by Nicholas Brown and Imre Szeman )
32 Retrieving the Imperial: Empire and International Relations ( Tarak Barkawi and Mark Laffey )
33 Africa: the Black Hole at the Middle of Empire ? ( David Moore )
34 The New World Order (They Mean It) ( Stanley Aronowitz )
35 Adventures of the Multitude: Response of the Authors ( Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri )
10 Network Society and Informationalism.
36 Toward a Sociology of the Network Society ( Manuel Castells )
37 Depoliticizing Globalization: From Neo-Marxism to the Network Society of Manuel Castells ( Peter Marcuse )
11 World Risk Society and Cosmopolitanism.
38 The Terrorist Threat: World Risk Society Revisited ( Ulrich Beck )
39 Risk, Globalisation and the State: A Critical Appraisal of Ulrich Beck and the World Risk Society Thesis ( Darryl SLJarvis )
40 Unpacking Cosmopolitanism for the Social Sciences: A Research Agenda ( Ulrich Beck and Natan Sznaider )
41 Cosmopolitanism and Nationalism ( Craig Calhoun )
12 McWorld and Jihad.
42 Jihad vs McWorld ( Benjamin RBarber )
43 Paris Is Burning: Jihad vs McWorld by Benjamin RBarber ( Fareed Zakaria )
44 Sovereignty and Emergency: Political Theology, Islam and American Conservatism ( Bryan STurner )
45 On Terrorism and the New Democratic Realism ( Benjamin RBarber )
Part II Culture.
46 Globalization and Culture: Three Paradigms ( Jan Nederveen Pieterse )
13 Creolization, Hybridity, and Glocalization.
47 The World in Creolisation ( Ulf Hannerz )
48 Flows, Boundaries and Hybrids: Keywords in Transnational Anthropology ( Ulf Hannerz )
49 Globalization as Hybridization ( Jan Nederveen Pieterse )
50 Glocalization: Time-Space and Homogeneity-Heterogeneity ( Roland Robertson )
14 Critiquing Creolization, Hybridity, and Glocalization.
51 Hybridity, So What? The Anti-Hybridity Backlash and the Riddles of Recognition ( Jan Nederveen Pieterse )
52 The Global, the Local, and the Hybrid: A Native Ethnography of Glocalization ( Marwan MKraidy )
53 Globalization and Trinidad Carnival: Diaspora, Hybridity and Identity in Global Culture ( Keith Nurse )
54 Mapping the "Glocal" Village: The Political Limits of "Glocalization" ( William HThornton )
55 Rethinking Globalization: Glocalization/Grobalization and Something/Nothing ( George Ritzer )
56 Dialectics of Something and Nothing: Critical Reflections on Ritzer's Globalization Analysis ( Douglas Kellner )
15 McDonaldization.
57 An Introduction to McDonaldization ( George Ritzer )
58 McDonaldization and the Global Culture of Consumption ( Malcolm Waters )
59 The McDonald's Mosaic: Glocalization and Diversity ( Bryan STurner )
60 Transnationalism, Localization, and Fast Foods in East Asia ( James LWatson )
61 Global Implications of McDonaldization and Disneyization ( Alan Bryman )
62 Glocommodification: How the Global Consumes the Local - McDonald's in Israel ( Uri Ram )
16 World Culture.
63 World Culture: Origins and Consequences ( Frank JLechner and John Boli )
64 Norms, Culture, and World Politics: Insights from Sociology's Institutionalism ( Martha Finnemore )


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Verfasser*innenangabe: ed. by George Ritzer and Zeynep Atalay
Jahr: 2010
Verlag: Chichester [u.a.], Wiley-Blackwell
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