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The end of development
a global history of poverty and prosperity
VerfasserIn: Brooks, Andrew
Verfasserangabe: Andrew Brooks
Jahr: 2017
Verlag: London, Zed Books
Mediengruppe: Buch
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Across the world, millions remain trapped in debilitating poverty, while international aid and development projects have seemingly done little to close the gap between developed and developing nations. Why have some countries grown so rich while others remain so poor? And, how can we account for the persistence of global poverty? In The End of Development, Andrew Brooks answers these questions with a provocative argument that inequality is rooted in the very nature of our approach to development itself.
Tracing the long arc of human history, Brooks rejects popular environmental explanations for the divergence of nations, showing that the prosperity of the West and poverty of ¿the rest` stems not from environmental factors but from the dynamics of capitalism and colonialism, which enriched the powers of the global North at the expense of the South. Rather than address the root causes of this inequality, international development strategies have so far only served to exacerbate them, by imposing crippling debts and destructive policies on developing nations. But, Brooks suggests that this disastrous form of development is now coming to an end, as the emerging economies of Asia and Africa begin to assert themselves on the world stage. In The End of Development he urges that we must seize this opportunity to transform attitudes towards inequality and to develop radical new approaches to addressing global poverty
Stimmen zum Buch:
Gustavo Esteva, coauthor of The Future of Development: A Radical Manifesto
¿It is very difficult to say something new about development, but this book does just that, particularly in providing new insights on Africa: its importance in the distant and recent past, the present and into the future. The unusual combination of history and human stories makes for great reading.`
Aus dem Inhalt:
Introduction: What's Wrong with Development? p. 1
Making the Modern World
Environmental determinism and early human history p. 19
Colonizing the world p. 44
America: making the modern world p. 75
Development and Change
Anticipating modernity p. 101
The resource curse and the debt crisis p. 124
East Asian tigers p. 152
After Development
Is Africa rising? p. 183
Depoliticizing development p. 205
What next? The end of development p. 232
VerfasserIn: Brooks, Andrew
VerfasserInnenangabe: Andrew Brooks
Jahr: 2017
Verlag: London, Zed Books
Systematik: GW.S, FS.E
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ISBN: 1-78699-020-2
2. ISBN: 978-1-78699-020-4
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Mediengruppe: Buch