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the history of a People
Verfasserangabe: T.R. Fehrenbach
Jahr: 2003
Verlag: New York, Villard
Mediengruppe: Buch
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Authoritative and immediate, this is the classic account of the most powerful of the American Indian tribes. T.R. Fehrenbach traces the Comanches’ rise to power, from their prehistoric origins to their domination of the high plains for more than a century until their demise in the face of Anglo-American expansion.
Master horseback riders who lived in teepees and hunted bison, the Comanches were stunning orators, disciplined warriors, and the finest makers of arrows. They lived by a strict legal code and worshipped within a cosmology of magic. As he portrays the Comanche lifestyle, Fehrenbach re-creates their doomed battle against European encroachment. While they destroyed the Spanish dream of colonizing North America and blocked the French advance into the Southwest, the Comanches ultimately fell before the Texas Rangers and the U.S. Army in the great raids and battles of the mid-nineteenth century. This is a classic American story, vividly and poignantly told. (Verlagstext)
Preface | xi
IDeath in the high country:
The People and the American Indians
1The Amerindians | 3
2The People | 30
3The Blood Trail | 60
4The Horse Barbarians| 82
5Death in the High Country | 117
IIFailed Empires:
The People and the French and Spaniards
1The Forgotten Frontier | 153
2The Spanish and the Horse Amerindians | 165
3The Comanche Barrier | 177
4Tragedy in Texas | 192
5Failed Empire | 214
IIISmoke and Tears:
The People and the Mexicans | 235
IVBlood on the Moon:
The People and the Texans
1The Anglo-Americans and the North American Indians | 263
2Parker's Fort | 278
3Adaptations: The American Approach to the Horse Amerindians | 293
4Blood on the Moon | 305
5Plum Creek | 334
6Peace Policy | 349
VThe Graveyard Plains:
The People and the Americans
1Treaties | 365
2The Great Disaster | 385
3Forts on the Frontier | 398
4The Cavalry | 409
5Tragic Reprieve: The Civil War and the Amerindians | 446
6Medicine Lodge | 463
7Quakers and Indians | 479
8The Graveyard Plains | 493
9The Destruction of the Comanches | 526
Selected Bibliography | 555
Index | 557
VerfasserInnenangabe: T.R. Fehrenbach
Jahr: 2003
Verlag: New York, Villard
Systematik: GS.EP, FS.E
Interessenkreis: Englisch [Sprache]
ISBN: 978-1-400-03049-1
2. ISBN: 1-400-03049-8
Beschreibung: 557 S. : Ill.
Sprache: Englisch
Fußnote: Literaturangaben
Mediengruppe: Buch