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The Mexican heartland
how communities shaped capitalism, a nation, and world history, 1500-2000
VerfasserIn: Tutino, John
Verfasserangabe: John Tutino
Jahr: 2018
Verlag: Oxford, Princeton University Press
Mediengruppe: Buch
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A major new history of capitalism from the perspective of the indigenous peoples of Mexico, who sustained and resisted it for centuries
The Mexican Heartland provides a new history of capitalism from the perspective of the landed communities surrounding Mexico City. In a sweeping analytical narrative spanning the sixteenth century to today, John Tutino challenges our basic assumptions about the forces that shaped global capitalism¿setting families and communities at the center of histories that transformed the world.
Despite invasion, disease, and depopulation, Mexico¿s heartland communities held strong on the land, adapting to sustain and shape the dynamic silver capitalism so pivotal to Spain¿s empire and world trade for centuries after 1550. They joined in insurgencies that brought the collapse of silver and other key global trades after 1810 as Mexico became a nation, then struggled to keep land and self-rule in the face of liberal national projects. They drove Zapata¿s 1910 revolution¿a rising that rattled Mexico and the world of industrial capitalism. Although the revolt faced defeat, adamant communities forced a land reform that put them at the center of Mexico¿s experiment in national capitalism after 1920. Then, from the 1950s, population growth and technical innovations drove people from rural communities to a metropolis spreading across the land. The heartland urbanized, leaving people searching for new lives¿dependent, often desperate, yet still pressing their needs in a globalizing world.
A masterful work of scholarship, The Mexican Heartland is the story of how landed communities and families around Mexico City sustained silver capitalism, challenged industrial capitalism¿and now struggle under globalizing urban capitalism.
This longue-durée Braudelian study of Mexico draws from compelling and fascinating regional and local studies. . . . Based on the author¿s own original research as well as on broad scholarship from history, anthropology, sociology and political science in both English and Spanish that brings academic perspectives into dialogue beyond the conventional boundaries of disciplines and academic traditions."---Moramay López-Alonso, EH.net
"What Tutino has done is remarkable, working up and down the scales of analysis from villages to the world market, from gender relations of households to imperial policy."---Jeremy Adelman, American Historical Review
Aus dem Inhalt:
CONTENTS INTRODUCTION. Capitalism and Community,and Patriarchy PART I. SILVER CAPITALISM, 1500-1820 1. Empire, Capitalism, and theEconomies of Spanish America 31 CHAPTER 2. Capitalism and Indigenous 1500-1700 57 CHAPTER 3. Communities Carrying Capitalism: Exploitations, 1700-1810 91 CHAPTER 4. CommunitiesInsurgency in the 11g CHAPTER 5. and Empires: The of Silver Capitalism, 1808-21 146 PART II. INDUSTRIAL CAPITALISM, 1820-1920 171 CHAPTER 6. Mexico in the Industrial Capitalism, 1810-1910 173 CHAPTER 7. Down: Chalco and 1820-45 211 CHAPTER 8. Commercial Revival. Liberal Reform, and Resistance: Chalco, 1845-70 237 9. Capitalism Revolution: Making Zapatista Communities, 1870-1920 261 digitalisiert durch:IDS Luzern
CONTENTS CHAPTER 10. Capitalism Revolution: Mexico in a World at War, 1910-20 294 PART III. NATIONAL CAPITALISM AND GLOBALIZATION, 1920-2000 319 CHAPTER 11. Mexico theNational Capitalism, 1920-80 321 CHAPTER 12. After Zapata: CommunitiesNational Capitalism, 1920-80 349 CHAPTER 13. Building the Metropolis: Mexico City, 1940-2000 375 After the Fall (of Autonomies): Globalization Revolution 402
VerfasserIn: Tutino, John
VerfasserInnenangabe: John Tutino
Jahr: 2018
Verlag: Oxford, Princeton University Press
Systematik: GW.TM, FS.E
Interessenkreis: Englisch [Sprache]
ISBN: 9780691174365
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