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What your ADHD child wishes you knew
working together to empower kids for success in school and life
VerfasserIn: Saline, Sharon
Verfasserangabe: Sharon Saline
Jahr: 2018
Verlag: New York, New York, TarcherPerigee, an imprint of Penguin R
Mediengruppe: Buch
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"A veteran psychologist presents a proven roadmap to help ADHD kids succeed in school and life. You've read all the expert advice, but despite countless efforts to help your child cope better and stay on track, you're still struggling with everyday issues like homework, chores, getting to soccer practice on time, and simply getting along without pushback and power struggles. What if you could work with your child, motivating and engaging them in the process, to create positive change once and for all? In this insightful and practical book, veteran psychologist Sharon Saline shares the words and inner struggles of children and teens living with ADHD--and a blueprint for achieving lasting success by working together. Based on more than 25 years of experience counseling young people and their families, Dr. Saline's advice and real-world examples reveal how parents can shift the dynamic and truly help kids succeed. Topics include: setting mutual goals that foster cooperation; easing academic struggles; tackling everyday challenges, from tantrums and backtalk to staying organized, building friendships, and more. With useful exercises and easy-to-remember techniques, you'll discover a variety of practical strategies that really work, creating positive change that will last a lifetime"-- Provided by publisher.
/ Table of Contents / / Foreword ix / Dr. Laura Markham / Introduction xv / Part One Life with ADHD / / Chapter 1 The Five C's of ADHD Parenting / 3 (30) / Chapter 2 Understanding the ADHD Brain Makes All the Difference / 33 (28) / Chapter 3 Accepting the ADHD Brain You Have / 61 (26) / Part Two Life at School / / Chapter 4 Overcoming the Hurdles of School / 87 (8) / Chapter 5 Don't Freak Out: Using and Teaching self-Control / 95 (8) / Chapter 6 Walking Through School in Their Shoes: Three Steps to Building Compassion / 103 (14) / Chapter 7 Creating School Solutions That Stick: Collaboration Is Key! / 117 (10) / Chapter 8 Keeping It Going: Fostering Consistency About School / 127 (4) / Chapter 9 Celebration: More Than Saying "Good Job!" / 131 (8) / Part Three Life at Home and Beyond / / Chapter 10 Managing Big Feelings / 139 (26) / Chapter 11 Getting Stuff Done / 165 (20) / Chapter 12 You've Gotta Have Friends: The Social Lives of Kids with ADHD / 185 (16) / Chapter 13 Plugged In: Crazy About Technology / 201 (20) / Final Note: Hope and Confidence 221 (6) / Acknowledgments 227 (2) / Resources for Parents 229 (2) / Notes 231 (8) / Bibliography 239 (6) / Index 245 (8) / About the Author 253 /
VerfasserIn: Saline, Sharon
VerfasserInnenangabe: Sharon Saline
Jahr: 2018
Verlag: New York, New York, TarcherPerigee, an imprint of Penguin R
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Interessenkreis: Englisch [Sprache]
ISBN: 978-0-14-313239-4
2. ISBN: 0-14-313239-3
Beschreibung: 254 Seiten
Sprache: Englisch
Fußnote: Includes bibliographical references and index. -Text englisch
Mediengruppe: Buch