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Too Late for Tears
VerfasserIn: Haskin, Byron
Verfasserangabe: directed by Byron Haskin
Jahr: 2016. Film von 1949
Verlag: Arrow Films
Mediengruppe: Blu-ray
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Rescued and preserved after a five-year crusade by the Film Noir Foundation, this 1949 classic is at long last available newly transferred from a 35mm print and painstakingly restored by UCLA Film & Television Archive.
When film noir icons like Lizabeth Scott ("Dead Reckoning", "Pitfall") and Dan Duryea ("Scarlet Street", "Criss Cross") collide, sparks are sure to fly!
Jane Palmer (Scott) and her husband Alan (Arthur Kennedy) mysteriously have $60,000 literally dropped in their laps. The circumstances seem mighty suspicious to Alan, who wants to turn the money over to the police. But in a materialistic rapture, Jane won't let it go. She doesn't care where it came from, or what danger might ensue - not if it will bring her the luxury she craves. Enter shady Danny Fuller (Duryea, as cocky and menacing as ever), who claims the money belongs to him. Let the games begin! Roy Huggins snappy script (adapted from his novel) is a complex, breezy and black-hearted homage to James M. Cain and Raymond Chandler. Rapacious housewife Jane Palmer is one of the juiciest female villains in Hollywood history, and Liz Scott s best role ever.
Passionately championed by the Film Noir Foundation and newly transferred from archive elements by UCLA Film & Television Archive, "Too Late for Tears" is presented on home video for the first time in the UK. (Verlagstext)
VerfasserIn: Haskin, Byron
VerfasserInnenangabe: directed by Byron Haskin
Jahr: 2016. Film von 1949
Verlag: Arrow Films
Enthaltene Werke: "Chance Of A Lifetime: The Making of Too Late For Tears" A new behind-the-scenes examination of the film's original production produced by Steven Smith and the Film Noir Foundation and featuring noir experts Eddie Muller, Kim Morgan and Julie Kirgo, "Tiger Hunt: Restoring Too Late For Tears" - A chronicle of the multi-year mission to rescue this "lost" noir classic produced by Steven Smith and the Film Noir Foundation
Systematik: TB.KT.06, TB.FS.E
Beschreibung: 101 Min., s/w
Schlagwörter: Film, USA, Englisch, Sprache, Untertitel für Hörgeschädigte <Film>, Amerikaner, Videokassette, Amerika (USA), EEUU (Abkürzung), Estados Unidos de America, Etats Unis, Etats-Unis, Filmaufnahme, Filme, Kino <Film>, Meiguo, Nordamerika <USA>, Spielfilm, Spielfilme, US (Abkürzung), United States, United States of America, Vereinigte Staaten, Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika, Vereinigte Staaten von Nordamerika, Britisches Englisch, Englische Sprache, Sprachen, Amateurfilm, Animationsfilm, Audiovisuelles Material, Biografischer Film, Dokumentarfilm, Filmkomödie, Kinderfilm, Liebesfilm, Mockumentary, Stereoskopischer Film, Stummfilm, USA. Marine. Sea, Air, Land Teams, Westernfilm, Altenglisch, Amerikanisches Englisch, Denglisch, Geheimsprache, Nordseegermanische Sprachen, Schlagfertigkeit
Sprache: Englisch
Fußnote: dt. Titel: Der blonde Tiger. Sprache: Englisch; Untertitel: Englisch für Hörgeschädigte.
Mediengruppe: Blu-ray