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future, trends, perspectives
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Verfasser*innenangabe: Kim Werner, Ye Ding (Eds./Hg.)
Jahr: 2020
Verlag: München, UVK
Mediengruppe: Buch


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Events ¿ future, trends, perspectives provides insights into many of the recent developments within the diverse event industry.
International scholars and experts with backgrounds in multiple related fields have taken up exciting research topics and offer perspectives, thoughts and views on a number of current and future issues and challenges.
The topics are as diverse as the industry itself and include discussions on gender and diversity, disruptive technologies, sustainability, psychological effects, the co-creation of experiences, the future of event education and many more.
Vivid case studies and best practice examples are used to illustrate current and future developments and to spark discussion and debate amongst scholars, practitioners and students alike.
The Corona crisis (Covid-19) is having a massive impact on the events industry. Due to the editorial deadline of this book in February 2020, this topic could not be considered in this edition. We ask for your understanding.
Kim Werner and Ye Ding
Nicole Böhmer, Kim Werner and Imke Wargin
Female Careers in the Event Industry ¿ Myth, Reality or Future Vision?
Susanne Doppler, Burkhard Schmidt and Liza Funke
Work Stress of Event Managers
Hans-Jürgen Gaida
Marketing Meeting and Event Destinations in Disruptive Times: Future Challenges and Chances
Steffen Ronft
Event Psychology ¿ An Interdisciplinary Approach
Chunlei Wang and Xingdan Wang
Theorising the ¿Event View¿ as a Kind of ¿World View¿
Helmut Schwägermann
China Outbound Events ¿ A Challenge for European MICE Destinations
Markus Große Ophoff, Kai-Michael Griese and Kim Werner
Event Organisations at the Interface between Sustainability and Digitalisation
Hui Huang and Hanzhi Zhang
Festivals and ¿New Retail¿: A Case Study of the ¿Double 11¿ Shopping Festival in China
Kim Werner, Christina Bosse and Kai-Michael Griese
Slow Events: Assessing the Potential for the Event Industry of the Future
Aliosha Alexandrov and Kai-Michael Griese
Value Co-creation and the Impact on Marketing and Event Management Curricula
Xing Lan and Yi Ding
Cooperative Transnational Event Management Education: A Case Study of International Event Management Shanghai (IEMS)
Mattheus Louw and Thomas Temme
Enhancing Student Learning in Event Management: Student Perceptions of a Business Simulation Game
Ye Ding, Li Zhang and Chunlei Wang
Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education in Event Management: Case studies from Chinese Universities
Gernot Gehrke
Researching the Future of Event Education
Steffen Ronft
Appendix: Further references concerning psychological effects and phenomenaGedankenanstößen sowie einem ausführlichen Glossar ¿ jetzt in der 2., aktualisierten Auflage.


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Verfasser*innenangabe: Kim Werner, Ye Ding (Eds./Hg.)
Jahr: 2020
Verlag: München, UVK
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ISBN: 9783825252533
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