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The morality of freedom
VerfasserIn: Raz, Joseph
Jahr: 1990
Verlag: Oxford, Clarendon
Mediengruppe: Buch
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This book explores, within a liberal framework, the nature, significance, and justification of political freedom or liberty. Against recent liberal positions, it is argued that political morality is neither rights¿based, nor equality¿based. What underlies rights, and the value of freedom, is a concern with autonomy. Autonomy requires, among other things, that individuals have an array of valuable options to choose from. The realm of values is marked by pluralism, incommensurability, and a dependence on social forms. Individualism is rejected and the importance of collective goods is given due emphasis. Though it is often assumed that liberal states must be committed to neutrality about valuable options, it is contended here that a concern with autonomy is perfectly consistent with perfectionism. The book also contains an extensive discussion of the connection between freedom and political authority. / /
TABLE OF CONTENTS: / / 1 The Problem of Political Freedom / I The Bounds of Authority / 2 Authority and Reason / 3 The Justification of Authority / 4 The Authority of States / II Anti¿Perfectionism / 5 Neutral Political Concern / 6 The Exclusion of Ideals / III Individualistic Freedom: Liberty and Rights / 7 The Nature of Rights / 8 Right¿Based Moralities / 9 Equality / 10 Liberty and Rights / IV Society and Value / 11 Consequentialism: An Introduction / 12 Personal Well¿Being / 13 Incommensurability / V Freedom and Politics / 14 Autonomy and Pluralism / 15 Freedom and Autonomy
VerfasserIn: Raz, Joseph
Jahr: 1990
Verlag: Oxford, Clarendon
Systematik: PI.I, FS.E
Interessenkreis: Englisch [Sprache]
ISBN: 0-19-824772-9
2. ISBN: 0-19-824807-5
Beschreibung: IX, 435 S.
Sprache: eng
Fußnote: Includes bibliographical references and index. Text engl.
Mediengruppe: Buch