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Dead aid
why aid is not working and how there is a better way for Africa
VerfasserIn: Moyo, Dambisa
Verfasserangabe: Dambisa Moyo
Jahr: 2009
Verlag: New York, Farrar, Straus and Giroux
Mediengruppe: Buch
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There is no doubt: we want to help. The well-documented horrors of extreme poverty around the world have created a moral imperative that people have responded to in their millions. Yet the poverty persists. At a time of unprecedented global prosperity, children are starving to death. Are we not being generous enough? Or is the problem somehow insoluble, an inevitable outcome of historical circumstance? In this provocative and compelling book, Dambisa Moyo argues that the most important challenge we face today is to destroy the myth that Aid actually works. In the modern globalized economy, simply handing out more money, however well intentioned, will not help the poorest nations achieve sustainable long-term growth. "Dead Aid" analyses the history of economic development over the last fifty years and shows how Aid crowds out financial and social capital and feeds corruption; the countries that have 'caught up' did so despite rather than because of Aid. There is, however, an alternative. Extreme poverty is not inevitable. Dambisa Moyo shows how, with improved access to capital and markets and with the right policies, even the poorest nations can prosper. If we really do want to help, we have to do more than just appease our consciences, hoping for the best, expecting the worst. We need first to understand the problem. (Klappentext) / "[...] Moyo does not explicitly address the question of faith-based aid in her book. But religion, she says, "doesn't highlight the most positive and productive aspects of Africa," and she is unmoved by the vogue among American churchgoers for mission work: "What's the point of going to Africa and saying, 'Oh, my God, I'm so traumatized by the poverty there'? … People like to pity Africans." One sees her point—but it's easy to be sympathetic to the other side as well. Rich Stearns, the president of World Vision, a Christian aid organization, says his religious faith moves him to want to assist others. "I always think, what if they were my children? I refuse to turn my back on people who need help." Amid these conflicting perspectives, some clarity emerges. The question—for Moyo and for Bono, for governments and for celebrities—is not really about whether to help. It's how to help better." (Newsweek ; Vollst. Rezensionen siehe unten angeführte Links)
VerfasserIn: Moyo, Dambisa
VerfasserInnenangabe: Dambisa Moyo
Jahr: 2009
Verlag: New York, Farrar, Straus and Giroux
Systematik: GW.TF, GP.WK, FS.E
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ISBN: 978-0-374-13956-8
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Mediengruppe: Buch