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Women design

pioneers from the twentieth century to today
Verfasser*in: Suche nach Verfasser*in Sellers, Libby
Verfasser*innenangabe: Text: Libby Sellers
Jahr: 2021
Verlag: London, Frances Lincoln
Mediengruppe: Buch
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From architects and product designers to textile artists and digital innovators, Women Design profiles a selection of the most dynamic female designers from the modern era, showcasing their finest work and celebrating their enduring influence.
Design throughout history has been profoundly shaped and enhanced by the creativity of women; as practitioners, commentators, educators and commissioners. But in a narrative that eagerly promotes their male counterparts, their contributions are all too often overlooked.
Women Design seeks to redress that balance, delving into the lives and works of some of the most talented design minds of the 20th and 21st centuries, from architects and artists to designers of all stripes.
Through 21 engaging profiles, Women Design rediscovers and revels in the work of pioneers such as Eileen Gray, Lora Lamm and Lella Vignelli, while shining a spotlight on modern-day trailblazers including Kazuyo Sejima, Hella Jongerius and Neri Oxman.
Richly illustrated with beautiful archival imagery, this is a rare glimpse into the working worlds of some of the most influential forces in contemporary design. Detailed text from design historian Libby Sellers brings the lives and work of these fascinating women to life, exploring how they overcame the challenges of working in a male-dominated world in order to see their groundbreaking creative visions realised.
This book is an invaluable work, a must-read for anyone who claims to know about design, and an inspiring insight into the lives and legacies of 21 truly brilliant women whose work has irrevocably shaped the world around us today.
-- Introduction
-- Kazuyo Sejima
-- Hella Jongerius
-- Ray Eames
-- On the Bauhaus: Anni Albers, Marianne Brandt, Lilly Reich
-- Denise Scott Brown
-- Muriel Cooper
-- Aino Marsio-Aalto
-- Maija Isola
-- On the road: Dorothée Pullinger, "Damsels of Design"
-- Neri Oxman
-- Norma Merrick Sklarek
-- Lella Vignelli
-- Eileen Gray
-- On the stage: Sally Jacobs, Alexandra Exter, Es Devlin
-- Lora Lamm
-- Zaha Hadid
-- Nathalie du Pasquier
-- Eva Zeisel
-- Lina Bo Bardi
-- Patricia Urquiola
-- Index


Verfasser*in: Suche nach Verfasser*in Sellers, Libby
Verfasser*innenangabe: Text: Libby Sellers
Jahr: 2021
Verlag: London, Frances Lincoln
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