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Sustainable and smart energy systems for Europes cities and rural areas
Verfasserangabe: Alexander Schlüter, Juan Bernabé-Moreno
Jahr: 2022
Verlag: München , Hanser
Mediengruppe: Buch
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This book is about the transformation taking place in our energy and digital infrastructure and provides a guide for European municipalities wanting to develop into smart cities or smart rural areas. An international team of authors from the private sector and the world of academia sets out the key aspects of importance for decision-makers with respect to the pillars underlying the energy transition and digital challenges. The book is then rounded off with interviews, so that readers can obtain an objective view. The following are just some of the issues addressed in this book:
- What role can energy and digitalisation play for the sustainable development of our municipalities in Europe?
- How can European municipalities prepare for the challenges of the future, such as artificial intelligence or the requirement for sustainable mobility concepts?
- How can the sectors responsible for energy at local level – such as heating, power and mobility – be coupled together?
- Which measures should we tackle first, given the limited budget?
- What steps need to be taken to ensure a sustainable, technologically advanced and reliable energy supply system?
This book will help decision-makers understand the various issues at stake. An overview is provided of what a “smart town or city” and “smart rural area” could actually entail in terms of data and energy, explaining the significance of data and energy in the sustainable design and development of a municipality in Europe. The authors explore the various challenges and opportunities facing municipalities by presenting exemplary projects, looking at practical solutions already in place and proposing next steps to take.
VerfasserInnenangabe: Alexander Schlüter, Juan Bernabé-Moreno
Jahr: 2022
Verlag: München , Hanser
Systematik: NT.EN, FS.E
ISBN: 978-3-446-47294-5
2. ISBN: 3-446-47294-0
Beschreibung: XXVI, 358 Seiten : Illustrationen, Diagramme, Karten
Schlagwörter: Energieversorgung, Erneuerbare Energien, Europa, Ländlicher Raum, Nachhaltigkeit, Smart City, Digitalisierung, Energieeffizienz, Energieerzeugung, Energiewirtschaft, Europäer, Landbevölkerung, Landgemeinde, Digitale Revolution, Energieeinsparung, Abendland, Agrarraum, Alternative Energiequelle, Alternativenergie, Alternativenergien, Dauerhafte Entwicklung, Energie / Versorgung, Energiesystem <Energieversorgung>, Energieversorgungssystem, Erneuerbare Energie, Erneuerbare Energiequelle, Green energy, Grüne Energie, Land <Ländlicher Raum>, Langfristige Entwicklung, Ländliche Region, Ländliches Gebiet, Nachhaltige Entwicklung, Okzident, Regenerative Energie, Regenerative Energien, Regenerative Energiequelle, Sanfte Energie, Sustainable Development, Zukunftsfähige Entwicklung, Effiziente Energieausnutzung, Effizienter Energieverbrauch, Dezentrale Energieversorgung, Elektrizitätsversorgung, Energiequelle, Erneuerbare Ressourcen, Geographischer Raum, Geothermische Energie, Ländliche Siedlung, Mitteleuropa, Osteuropa, Sonnenenergie, Südosteuropa, Versorgung, Wasserkraft, Windenergie, Wärmeversorgung, Effizienz, Technischer Fortschritt
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Mediengruppe: Buch