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Sustainability in tourism

a multidisciplinary approach
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Verfasser*innenangabe: Ian Jenkins ; Roland Schröder (Eds.)
Jahr: 2013
Verlag: [Wiesbaden], Springer Gabler
Mediengruppe: Buch


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Today travel and tourism have evolved beyond an annual trip to the seaside. Long-haul flights around the globe are fully booked with both business and leisure travelers; health tourism is expanding exponentially and religious travel continues to support a significant portion of tourism in some countries. The age of mass tourism, whilst making travel affordable for all societal groups, has also created environmental problems on both a micro and macro level. A key question is therefore how can tourism be made more sustainable? Under the broad umbrella of sustainable development, this book examines sustainable tourism by taking into account factors such as media, business profitability, educational inclusiveness, political and community needs, medical tourism and aspects of sustainable labeling and marketing. Furthermore, each author offers perspectives on methods that industry and governments might employ to create more sustainable practices and policies.   Contents ·        Environmental Responsibility & Climate Change ·        Cultural Vitality and Social Equity ·        Economics and Finance of Sustainable Tourism ·        Marketing, Media and Education ·        Barriers and Solutions
Edmund ASpindler
The History of Sustainability
The Origins and Effects of a Popular Concept 9
Ian Jenkins
Sustainability and Climate Change 33
Thomas Rieger
Sustainability and Health Tourism 53
Robert SBristow
Sustainability and Eco-health tourism 69
Thomas Meuser & Carola von Peinen
Sustainable Tourism
"Wish you weren't here" 85
Britt Ventriglia & Ruth Rios-Morales
The Shift toward Sustainability in the Travel Trade Industry 103
Henri Kuokkanen & Ruth Rios-Morales
Developing Sustainable Competitive Advantage in the
Tourism Industry: a financial conceptual model 123
Andy Middleton
Managing Ecological Balance 137
8 Contents
Mark Piekarz & Michelle Callanan
Politics, Community Tourism and Sustainability 159
Roland Schroeder & Oliver Hahn
Media and Sustainable Tourism 177
Ian Jenkins
Education and Copernicus 192
David Horrigan
Sustaining Sustainability 210


Suche nach Verfasser*in
Verfasser*innenangabe: Ian Jenkins ; Roland Schröder (Eds.)
Jahr: 2013
Verlag: [Wiesbaden], Springer Gabler
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