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Ten classic albums
VerfasserIn: Mingus, Charles
Verfasserangabe: Charles Mingus
Jahr: 2020 (1956-60)
Verlag: Pasadena, Reel to Reel
Mediengruppe: Compact Disc
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Die Box mit sechs CDs in Papphüllen enthält zehn Alben des wegweisenden Bassisten Charles Mingus (1922-1979):
Mingus three (1957): Yesterdays. Nack home blues. I can't get started. Hamp's new blues. Summertime. Dizzy moods. Laura
The clown" (1957): Haitian fight song. Blue cee. Reincarnation of a lovebird. The clown
Pithecanthropus erectus (1956): Pithecanthropus erectus. A foggy day. Profile of Jackie. Love chant
Mingus in wonderland (1959); Nostalgia in times square. I can't get started. No private income blues. Alice's wonderland
Blues and roots (1959): Wednesday night prayer meeting. Cryin' blues. Moanin'. Tensions. My jelly roll soul. E's flat ah's flat too
Mingus Ah Um (1959): Better git it in your soul. Goodbye pork pie hat. Boogie stop shuffle. Self portrait in three colours. Open letter to Duke. Bird calls. Fables of faubus. Pussy cat dues. Jelly Roll
Mingus dynasty (1960): Slop. Diane. Song with orange. Gunslinging bird. Things ain't what they used to be. Far wells, Mill Valley. New now know how. Mood indigo. Put me in the dungeon
Mingus revisited (1960): Take the a train. Prayer for passice resistance. Eclipse. Mingus fingus. Weird nightmare. Do nothin' till you hear from me. Bemoanable lady. Half-mast inhibition
Charles Mingus presents Charles Mingus (1960): Folk Forms. Original Faubus fables. What love? All the things you could be by now if Sigmund Freud's wife was your mother.
Reincarnation of a lovebird (1961): Reincarnation of a lovebird. Wrap your troubles in dreams (and dream your troubles away). R&R. Body and soul. Bugs
VerfasserIn: Mingus, Charles
VerfasserInnenangabe: Charles Mingus
Jahr: 2020 (1956-60)
Verlag: Pasadena, Reel to Reel
Systematik: CD.10
Beschreibung: 6 CDs in Schuber
Schlagwörter: CD, Jazz, Kontrabass, CDs, Swing, Tonträger
Mediengruppe: Compact Disc