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Physics and music

the science of musical sound
Verfasser*in: Suche nach Verfasser*in White, Harvey E.; White, Donald H.
Jahr: 2014 (1980)
Verlag: New York, NY, Dover Publ.
Mediengruppe: Buch


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This foundational text is written for students who want to go beyond the perceptual stage of music to learn how musical sound is created and perceived. It surveys a wide range of topics related to acoustics, beginning with a brief history of the art and science of music. Succeeding chapters explore the general principles of sound, musical scales, the primary ways in which sound can be generated, the characteristics of instruments, the use of mechanical and electronic recording devices, hi-fi stereophonic and quadraphonic sound, the design of electronic musical instruments, and architectural acoustics.
Comprehensive yet accessible," Physics and Music" includes over 300 diagrams, photographs, and tables. Each chapter concludes with questions, problems, and projects, in addition to references for further study


Verfasser*in: Suche nach Verfasser*in White, Harvey E.; White, Donald H.
Jahr: 2014 (1980)
Verlag: New York, NY, Dover Publ.
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Schlagwörter: Akustik, Musik, Musikinstrument, Instrument / Musik
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Fußnote: The nature of sound The art and science of music Vibrating systems Transverse waves Longitudinal waves Sound transmission Resonance, beats, and the Doppler effect Difraction and interference Hearing and harmony Harmonics and wave combinations Sound intensity and hearing Perception of loudness Vibrating strings Vibrating air columns Vibrating bars, plates and membranes Musical intervals and scales Combination tones and aural harmonics Musical instruments Stringed instrument design Stringed instruments Wind instruments Brassens and the human voice Percussion instruments Electronic sound systems High-fidelity sound reproduction Transducers Sound recording and transmission Electronic music Sterephonic sound Acoustical architecture Reflection, absorption and reverberation Acoustical parameters Architectural design
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