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International management

managing across borders and cultures ; text and cases
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Jahr: 2017
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AUS DEM INHALT: / For courses in international business, international management, and general management. Management Around the World: Business Strategies and Interpersonal Skills International Business is conducted around the globe across cultures, languages, traditions, and a range of economic, political, and technological landscapes. International Management: Managing Across Borders and Cultures examines the challenges to the manager's role associated with adaptive leadership and thoroughly prepares students for the complicated yet fascinating discipline of international and global management. No matter the size, companies operating overseas are faced with distinct scenarios. In order to be successful, they must accurately assess the components that shape their strategies, operations and overall function. The Ninth Edition trains students and practicing managers for careers in this evolving global environment by exposing them to effective strategic, interpersonal, and organizational skills, while focusing on sustainability. / / VERLAGSTEXT: / Part 1: The Global Manager's Environment 1. Assessing the Environment: Political, Economic, Legal, Technological 2. Managing Interdependence: Social Responsibility, Ethics, Sustainability Comprehensive Cases NEW! Case 1 Facebook's Initiative: Serving the Bottom of the Pyramid? (several countries) Case 2 An Ethics Role-Playing Case: Stockholders versus Stakeholders (Global/Sri Lanka) Part 2: The Cultural Context of Global Management 3. Understanding the Role of Culture 4. Communicating Across Cultures 5. Cross-Cultural Negotiation and Decision Making Comprehensive Cases NEW! Case 3 Vodafone in Egypt: National Crises and Their Implications for Multinational Corporations (Egypt) NEW! Case 4 Hailing a New Era: Haier in Japan (China/Japan) Part 3: Formulating and Implementing Strategy for International and Global Operations 6. Formulating Strategy 7. Implementing Strategy: Strategic Alliances, Small Businesses, Emerging Economy Firms 8. Organization Structure and Control Systems Comprehensive Cases NEW! Case 5 A libaba versus Tencent: The Battle for China's M-Commerce Space (China/Global) NEW! Case 6 Business Model and Competitive Strategy of IKEA in India (India) NEW! Case 7 Wal-Mart in Africa (Africa) NEW! Case 8 Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V. (2015): From an Alliance to a Cross-Border Merger (Global) Part 4: Global Human Resources Management 9. Staffing, Training, and Compensation for Global Operations 10. Developing a Global Management Cadre 11. Motivating and Leading Comprehensive Cases NEW! Case 9 Leading Across Cultures at Michelin (France/US) NEW! Case 10 Ethical Leadership: Ratan Tata and India's Tata Group (Global) Integrative Section Integrative Term Project NEW! Integrative Case: Case 11 IKEA in Russia: Emerging Market Strategies and Ethical Dilemmas (Russia) Glossary Name and Subject Index /


Verfasser*in: Suche nach Verfasser*in Deresky, Helen
Verfasser*innenangabe: Helen Deresky
Jahr: 2017
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Beschreibung: Ninth edition, global edition, 500 Seiten : Illustrationen, Diagramme, Karten
Schlagwörter: Internationales Management, Multinationales Unternehmen, Globales Management, Globalmanagement, Internationale Unternehmung, Internationaler Konzern, Internationales Unternehmen, Multinationale Unternehmung, Multinationaler Konzern, Transnationaler Konzern, Transnationales Unternehmen
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