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A history of South Africa
VerfasserIn: Thompson, Leonard
Verfasserangabe: Leonard Thompson. Rev. and upd. by Lynn Berat
Jahr: 2014
Verlag: New Haven [u.a.], Yale Univ. Press
Mediengruppe: Buch
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A revised edition of a history of South Africa which focuses on the experiences of the black inhabitants from the earliest known human settlement through to the present day. Includes a new chapter on South Africa's transition from a racist political order to a democratic one. Last published in 1992.
Review: From Yale historian Thompson, a timely and commendable endeavor: a South African history that's as much the story of blacks and coloreds as of whites. Apart from its more inclusive approach, however, it lacks perceptive insights, and that vitality that characterizes the best histories. Taking advantage of new archaeological and anthropological discoveries, Thompson describes southern Africa, just before the first white 'settlers arrived, more fully than other comparable books have done. He distinguishes three main groups among the precolonialists: the hunter-gatherers, the mixed farmers, and the pastoralists. The competition between these groups for scarce land and water was exacerbated and intensified by the Dutch settlers' arrival at the Cape. It was a competition that was to form a continuing thread through the next 300 years as the whites, aided by European technology and the discovery of gold and diamonds, sought more and more of the land and resources for themselves. Thompson makes this competition the major theme of his history and uses it to interpret all the familar significant historical events in South Africa - the Trek into the interior; the clash on the frontier with the Xhosas; the British annexation; the rise of the Zulus; and, in the 20th century, the parallel growth of Afrikaner and black nationalism. Given the rapid evolution of events in South Africa, Thompson can be forgiven for ending his book rather abruptly in the autumn of 1989, but some deeper analysis would have taken his history beyond the textbook level it comes perilously close to being at times. Even his interpretation tends to be presented as fait accompli rather than as intellectual argument. Useful, then, but not definitive. (Kirkus Reviews) (Copac)
List of Illustrations
The Africans p1
The White Invaders: The Cape Colony, 1652-1870 p31
African Wars and White Invaders: Southeast Africa, 1770-1870 p70
Diamonds, Gold, and British Imperialism, 1870-1910 p110
The Segregation Era, 1910-1948 p154
The Apartheid Era, 1948- 1978 p187
Apartheid in Crisis, 1978-1989 p221
The Political Transition, 1989-1994 p241
The New South Africa, 1994-1999 p265
Beyond the New South Africa, 1999-2014 by Lynn Berat p290
Appendix: Statistics p347
Notes p357
Index p421
VerfasserIn: Thompson, Leonard
VerfasserInnenangabe: Leonard Thompson. Rev. and upd. by Lynn Berat
Jahr: 2014
Verlag: New Haven [u.a.], Yale Univ. Press
Systematik: GE.UFS, FS.E
Interessenkreis: Englisch [Sprache]
ISBN: 978-0-300-18935-3
2. ISBN: 0-300-18935-4
Beschreibung: 4. ed., XXIX, 435 S. : Ill., Kt.
Beteiligte Personen: Berat, Lynn
Sprache: Englisch
Mediengruppe: Buch