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The aesthetic brain
how we evolved to desire beauty and enjoy art
VerfasserIn: Chatterjee, Anjan
Verfasserangabe: Anjan Chatterjee
Jahr: 2014
Verlag: New York, NY [u.a.], Oxford Univ. Press
Mediengruppe: Buch
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The Aesthetic Brain takes the reader on a wide-ranging journey through the world of beauty, pleasure, and art. Chatterjee uses neuroscience to probe how an aesthetic sense is etched in our minds and evolutionary psychology to explain why aesthetic concerns feature centrally in our lives. Along the way, Chatterjee addresses fundamental questions: What is beauty? Is beauty universal? How is beauty related to pleasure? What is art? Should art be beautiful? Do we have an instinct for art? Chatterjee starts by probing the reasons that we find people, places, and even numbers beautiful. At the root of beauty, he finds, is pleasure. He then examines our pleasures by dissecting why we want and why we like food, sex, and money and how these rewards relate to aesthetic encounters. His ruminations on beauty and pleasure prepare him and the reader to face art. He wanders through the problems of defining art, understanding contemporary art, and interpreting ancient art. He explores why art, something that seems so useless, also feels fundamental to our humanity. Replete with facts, anecdotes, and analogies, this empirical guide to aesthetics offers scientific answers without deflating the wonders of beauty and art.
Preface xi
Introduction xvii
1. What is this thing called beauty? 3
2. Captivating faces 6
3. The measure of facial beauty 10
.4. The body beautiful 17
5. How the brain works 24
6. Brains behind beauty 31
7. Evolving beauty 37
8. Beautiful landscapes 48
9. Numbering beauty 54
10. The illogic of beauty 64
1. What is this thing called pleasure
? 71
2. Food 74
3. Sex 84
4. Money 92
5. Liking, wanting, learning 103
6. The logic of pleasure 109
1. What is this thing called art? 115
2. Art: Biology and culture 122
3. Descriptive science of the arts 127
4. Experimental science of the arts 134
5. Conceptual art 143
6. The roots of art 150
7. Evolving minds 159
8. Evolving art 165
9. Art: A tail or a song? 172
10. The serendipity of art 180
Acknowledgments 187
Books (that I found useful) 191
References 193
Index 207
VerfasserIn: Chatterjee, Anjan
VerfasserInnenangabe: Anjan Chatterjee
Jahr: 2014
Verlag: New York, NY [u.a.], Oxford Univ. Press
Systematik: PI.HLP, FS.E
Interessenkreis: Englisch [Sprache]
ISBN: 978-0-19-981180-9
2. ISBN: 0-19-981180-6
Beschreibung: XXIII, 217 S.
Sprache: eng
Fußnote: Text engl. - Includes bibliographical references and index p. 191 - 206
Mediengruppe: Buch